Zombie lightbulbs?

One of the lightbulbs from yesterday’s post has spontaneously resurrected itself. I believe this means it may be a zombie lightbulb. I really won’t know until I see if it attempts to cannibalize the other lightbulbs, and as of this writing, it has not moved. So it’s possible that it’s not a zombie lightbulb, but it’s also possible that it’s just reeeaaaaallllllyyyy crafty.

Only time will tell.

It’s also possible that, as I suggested in yesterday’s post, fresh lightbulbs migrated from the hallway closet, closing the narrow gap between themselves and their fallen comrades. Except I didn’t leave the closet door open (because I am OCD that way and we have all decided to find that charming.)

But it could have been the cat. Because, as illustrated in yesterday’s highly technical AutoCad drawing, he can open doors.

I’m also in an ethical dilemma. I’m considering awarding myself Martha Points that I didn’t earn. Stealing MP’s. It’s a desperate act brought on by the heady rush of success brought on by my +47 score being so violently and immediately brutalized by 1)almost burning the house down with a bouquet of flowers and then, 2) abandoning incandescent lighting in the bathroom.

So now I’m hyper and anxious about my points. And given the fact that I’m only just recovering from that whole full heart-lung transplant thing, I haven’t been able to do anything Martha Point-worthy.

I do take full photographic credit.

But I did (last week…shhhh….) take the picture of the pretty wisteria in my backyard.

Except, I didn’t grow the wisteria, my lovely neighbor did.

But….I want the Martha Points! (If you didn’t cringe just now, you did not imagine me pitiful enough.)

She doesn’t need them, she’s German! (I have no idea how this is relevant in any way, but it’s the only rationalization I can think of at the moment.)

Ok, I’m desperate and slightly insane from the after-effects of antibiotics and codeine, plus I have all the stress of worrying about whether or not I have a zombie lightbulb infestation (just who do you call about that problem, anyway), so I award myself +3 points for having the foresight to coax my neighbor’s wisteria into growing over the fence so it can enhance my backyard.

Which brings my score back up to +30.



  1. You have a teenage son…it is possible your lightbulbs are not in fact, zombified but Touched By Teen. My son has a peculiar habit of unscrewing all but one of the bulbs in our bathroom fixture and then forgetting to tighten them. It would seem the fixture being on a dimmer switch is not enough for him so he takes his conservation (or whatever) to the extreme.

    And as for the wisteria: You are an exemplary neighbor who allows intrusive ;) vegetation to survive. And if the graceful, draping vine enhances your yard then I’m sure Martha would approve and allow your points.

    ps-I love your blog!

    1. Oh my heavens…it never occurred to me that the teenagers might be sabotaging the lighting. That was simply not one of the three thousand and forty-six things on the “Things to Fret about your Teenargers Over” list.

      Ok…item three-thousand forty-SEVEN…

      And thank you for the kind compliment!

  2. Zombie lightbulbs sounds pretty dire. And as for taking credit for your neighbours flowers – that is perfectly legit. I do it all the time with the lovely roses that climb over our fence and do much better on our side than the neighbours and it is their plant.

    1. Votes seem to be leaning on my side for this one. So I may take advantage of this again.

      And I am getting a bit concerned about zombie infestations. Lightbulbs turn themselves back on, appliances work after we think they’re broken beyond repair…

      Maybe we just live in one of those poltergeist places. Although I don’t know if that would be better than zombies.

  3. I think we might have just been checking each other out at.the.same.time. But you know, like in the plutonic way. Er something. So my husband’s an engineer too. I think we might have a lot in common.

    Following you–

  4. So this is what the wisteria looks like on your side of the fence! Not bad at all! Hmmmm – I was thinking of cutting it back heavily after bloom, but what will happen to your Matha Points then?

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