Please don’t look under the couch cushions.

Ummm…oh, wow…uh, come right in!

Just give me a second to wipe this down…oh, don’t sit there, you’ll stick.

And if I could just shove…this…out of the way…with my foot….There! Feel free to walk on the carpet now.

Can I offer you something to drink? We have…umm…coffee creamer. Or bourbon. Which I think makes some bizarre hybrid White Russian. No? Too early?

Don’t mind the cat. He’s friendly. Just don’t look him in the eye. Or look at him. Or reach towards him with any limb you’re fond of.

It was so nice of you to visit! I wasn’t expecting company. Obviously. At least, not of the sort without badges, and I wouldn’t bother cleaning for them.

If you came by from the WordPress Freshly Pressed link, thank you kindly! And if you came by from somewhere else, thank you kindly too!

I’m sorry I don’t have anything tasty to offer you. I have…hmmm….what do I have? String cheese or Hollywood Diet Cookies. Can I interest you in either of those? You sure?

I have to do something Martha-Worthy…..all these guests….

Ok, I’ll share this with you. Have a wonderful Friday! And feel free to stop by again!

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