Oh, we’re off to see the wizard!

Points of order:

  • There is no “we,” there is only me.
  • There is no wizard, there are web developers and bloggers.
  • There are no ruby slippers, there are sneakers.
  • I’ve never been to Kansas.
  • The part of Toto will be played by a 14 pound Bengal-Abyssinian cat with aggression issues.

Today I am going to WordCamp San Francisco.

I’m a little worried – although the conference says it is for users and developers alike, I’m reading the program and getting a little concerned. If the titles of the presentations don’t make sense to me, I’m worried that I may find the content about as comprehensible  as a diagram of the interior of the Hubble Space Telescope.

So, I will either come home full of a better, deeper, richer understanding of this new world of blogging I find myself in, with gems of wisdom to share, a more fulfilled sense of purpose, and chock-full of exciting, sparkly ideas. Or, I will come home with a headache and my contact lenses glued to my eyeballs, blinking like the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights, convinced that I have no business in this place at all, and wondering where on earth I ever even got the idea that I spoke English.

Could go either way.

I’m trying to come up with a way that I get MP’s for attending a blogging conference, and I’m really drawing a blank. But maybe if I learn some ways to clean up around here, you know, better side-bars with more interesting widgets, more reader-friendly layouts, an extra bathroom with those fluffy little fingertip towels, then maybe I’ll have some earning potential to work with.

But I’ll keep you posted.


    1. Thank you kindly, miss!

      And will try to convert overwhelmed, mondo-uncomprehension mixed with, “Wow!” into words that normal humans can understand.

      I’m a writer, I’m supposed to be able to do that, right?

    1. This one turned out to be awful tech-y/platform-y but I did learn a lot about how the blogs themselves work and what I can do with it from myself from an interface standpoint.

      More details to come. Stay tuned. Bring popcorn.

  1. Oh! Have fun! I wanna go…you HAVE to let us in on what you learn. Give it to us in plain speak. Don’t go there and get all fancy educated so we can’t understand ya.

    1. Sadly, one conference did not make me fully fluent in geek. I can still only really get by with the basics – you know, tell them my blog address, ask where the bathroom is, that sort of thing. So plain speak is STILL all I gots.


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