A Major Award!!

Sit down. Oh…you are sitting down. Ok, I’ll sit down.

My blog got nominated for an award!

No…wait…that doesn’t have quite the impact I’m hoping for. My blog got nominated for an award!! Does that convey me jumping up and down and squealing? ‘Cause  I really am that dorky.  “In Pursuit of Martha Points” got nominated for “Awesomest Overall Blog” over at iammommy.com by a lovely lady named Jessica over at J-Wood Photography.  (Hi Jessica!)

Voting is open!! (Wow!) If you’d like to vote for me, go to: I Am Mommy and vote away!!

Vote early! Vote often!

PS – I’m going to look at some the other blogs that were nominated, cause I’m curious, but I have worries about doing that and feeling totally overwhelmed, inadequate, un-bloglike, etc… So everyone get ready to scrape my ego off the floor with a spatula, ok?


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