Monday Night Pot Luck

So Holly, that is, TexasHolly over at JuneCleaverNirvana does a potluck every Monday. And you know, as a mom, that just makes sense. Who wants to do a lot of work on a Monday? You’re just only getting over your chocolate binges and sweating the fact that you didn’t do any where near the laundry you meant to. So go ahead, throw a few things together, ask some friends to toss in a few juicy morsels, and by Joe, you’ve got yourself a potluck.

And today she decided to turn it into a party. And I HATE missing a good party. There might be hors d’oeuvres. Or margaritas. I miss a margarita and I get cranky.

So I figure I can handle it. I have this whole Martha Points thing to motivate me on my quest for good things, like, you know, being a decent party guest. Or, hosting a good party. Which, with luck, will not result in anyone catching the Plague. Because I’ve resolved to not do that again.

Ok….so let’s see…Holly’s got a good one:

There are two really mystifying ones. The first is: “Badges to orders of Russian Empire.” Why do the Russians need badges? Is Russia still an Empire? And what do Russia or an Empire need with Martha Points?

The other was: “Trying to quell the guilt from nearly burning down the house.” 1. I’m alarmed that that person ended up on my blog because they were clearly in need of something more serious than a humor blog about a self-destructing house. 2. I’m thinking that Google is reading a little too much into my posts.

This could, in fact, be its own post (and may be someday – stay tuned). But a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, so they say, so I’ll show you a photo of the Evil Done By Cats.

And I really liked that vase too.

  • Water
  • Cold cereal
  • Strawberries
  • Cat food.

And the coolest thing to happen to me this week, behind getting to go to WordCamp, and behind finding making awesome PeanutButter cookies, was getting nominated for a blogger award. A really nice woman (Hi Jessica!) nominated my blog for “Awesomest Overall Blog” over at I Am Mommy. And to add to the make-Lori-feel-like-a-real-blogger-ness of the whole thing, there were something like 30+ entries and Manda had to pick 20. I don’t know what criteria she used, it could have been names from a hat, but I made the cut. And it’s just really, really an amazing feeling to know that you write something people enjoy. Because I’ve wanted to do that pretty much my whole darned life.

Ok, I think that’s a wrap. Potluck over. Please use the recycling bins.

Till next time!

Back to Holly’s Party!


    1. There was also, “Cat ate banana bread,” which HAPPENED, but is Google just going to hold that over my head for FOREVER?

  1. I love potlucks! Seriously, I do. Because I always contribute something lame like Doritos and then proceed to salivate over the hot casseroles that more committed and/or dedicated potluckers bring. Anyway.
    Glad you were able to discover that I have actually been reading and commenting on your hi-larious blog posts. Dang that WordPress. I sense some serious sabotage going on somewhere. :)

    1. I doubt I would qualify in the “more committed potlucker category.”

      (Ok, I’m tired. 1st try: potclucker. 2nd try: potulcer. And I didn’t even have wine tonight.)

  2. That was a GREAT potluck. First, I am totally stealing “things I didn’t burn” – I have already lifted the badge. I am going to have a shorter list than you which should earn me some negative points over here.

    And then the CAT! Oh no. That vase was great…the cat not so much.

    And as for the Googling of the house fire guilt, don’t people know that Google keeps track of what people Google? I mean now that you mention it, the police probably have subpoenaed Google’s records and are on that poor guilty persons doorstep as I type. OK, not really, but I had the whole story in my head.

    Thanks for throwing a potluck!

    1. You can do that only if you make sure I know when you are posting evil cat stories.

      Cause I really need to feel better about the situation over here. ; )

  3. Aww, that vase was awesome.

    I just had a similar situation here last night, but it involved an awesome green lamp and a seven-year-old playing basketball in the house.

    How ’bout a liftable Evil Done by Kids button?

  4. Great potluck! I love your badges. I could have The Evil Done by Dog – but then I’d have to show a picture of poop! on my carpet!
    And really, does the internet need more of those kind of photos?
    It does occur to me that the Things I Did Not Burn button really won’t do much for that poor googling woman’s self esteem, but I liked it.

  5. OMG – I love the things destroyed by cats *and I dont mean that I love that they destroyed your rockin’ vase* I need a button for my dog. I am totally using that one next week.

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