This Year’s Epic Poem

My kids are incredible. I know all moms think that, so I’m in good company. They do a wondeful job on Mother’s Day with love, cards and sweet gifts. But there’s one gift I get that needs to be shared.

Child C is a writer. And a darned good one. I plan on stuffing her full of sugar and caffiene to short-circuit her thought processes so she can’t out-do me.

Probably won’t help. She’s just that good.

I get two poems a year: one on my birthday and one on Mother’s Day. And she just ups the ante year after year and makes me laugh or cry, or sometimes both.

Here is this year’s Epic Mother’s Day Poem.

Once upon a time there was a mom,
Her name was Lori.
There’s so much I could tell
But here’s a snippet of her story.

She had a son, called him Child A.
She loved him through and through.
But some stuff went down and she found herself
As one instead of two.

In Lori’s job she worked with folks
Whose throats just didn’t work.
But with the job and Child A,
Well she nearly went berserk!

But she’s a real strong woman
And she didn’t miss a beat.
She ran off with the first real weird
But charming guy she’d meet.

She told him about her son,
That she had love for him galore.
He said, “That’s great! Congratulations!
You’ve just earned yourself two more!”

“Here’s another son,
And here, now you have a daughter.
This one think’s he’s Buddha.
She’s obsessed with Harry Potter.”

“The short one plays piano,
And the tall one’s into Zen.
You will never have a quiet moment
In your life again.”

They married. She was happy,
But her job became a bore.
She yelled, “This can’t be all there is!”
She felt she deserved more.

So she started her own business
And became a Junior Blogess.
So she’d stay entertained while she was trained
To be a domestic goddess.

She’s still in pursuit of Martha Points
As she goes along life’s trail.
That’s her story as a mother
So I’m finished with my tale.

She never ought to worry
About whether she’ll succeed.
Because as a person, wife and mother
She is wonderful indeed.*

So you see where the laughing and the crying comes in, right?

I may be one of the luckiest mom’s in the history of mom-hood.

At least that’s how I’m feeling today.

I hope every woman out there who’s given love, support, care and wisdom to the people in their lives feels celebrated today.

I know I certainly do.

*Because my goal is to keep the kids’ names out of the blog, some content was changed, with permission (and input) from the Author.


  1. Gosh they’ve grown up sooo much.

    Child A looks completely different everytime i see him.
    Child B looks just like his dad!
    Child C is brilliant

  2. Lori — This made me cry too! Your daughter clearly adores you and already possesses a shocking level of insight for one so young. If I was wee lass in my early 20s, I might call you lucky. But no one arrives at a happy life by chance alone. It takes hard work and the ability to make good choices with your heart leading the way. Bravo, girl. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

  3. @LauraK: One of my all time favorite family memories was for the new blending family’s first Christmas with us (I’m Lori’s brother’s wife), and C and Lori were cuddled up in a chair together, with Lori reading to C, who was 11 or 12 at the time and could read just fine. It was intimate and close and sweet and *family*. It’s not for no good reason that they’re all so loving and close now :)

    1. Mary,

      That is such a sweet visual. Lori so strikes me as a ‘put in the quality time kind of mom.’ And one who’d gladly read to a 12 year old :) Thanks for sharing….

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