Field Trip!

Okay, the bus will be here in a few minutes.

Does everyone have a buddy? No? Mandi, where’s your buddy? What do you mean you left her in the bathroom? What kind of buddy are you? Go unlock her this instant!

And everyone brought a sack lunch, right? With nutritious wholesome food? LauraK, let me see your lunch. Ummm…in whose dictionary do “Ho-Ho’s” qualify as nutritious? Didn’t I tell you that the children were NOT to pack your lunches for you? Gina, what’s in your lunch? You didn’t bring a lunch? Well, I don’t care that you brought an iPod, you can’t eat that when you get hungry!

And Holly, if you wear those butt-shaper Skechers all day your legs are going to give out. I specifically said “comfortable, ugly shoes.” You’re really making the rest of us look far too frumpy. And put those pajama jeans away.

Mindy, Dana, Julia, I don’t have permission slips for you. Did you bring them? Umm…Mindy, this looks an awful lot like your own handwriting. Forget it…I don’t wanna know.

Gigi, Melody, Jen… is there something you’d like to share with the class? NEVER MIND!! It’s probably funnier than me.

Ok, everyone else? The bus is here. Board in an orderly fashion. ORDERLY!! There is no such thing as an orderly mob!

Cats. Herding cats. That’s what it’s like around here.

What? Where are we going? You mean you don’t want to just load up on a bus and be free? See where it takes you? Be on the road again? Goin’ places that you’ve never been?

*sigh* Where is everyone’s sense of adventure?

Ok – I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. We’re going to Dealusional! Amy at Dealusional writes a blog that features coupons, giveaways, and absolutely scary prices on stuff. I don’t want to know how she finds them all, it can only involve extra arms and a microchip embedded in her brain somewhere.  But we linked up on BlogFrog a few weeks ago when she was looking for someone to write a guest entry amidst the deal-finding. And you know me and words, we’re on pretty intimate terms. So I offered to write a post for her. And it’s running today.

So everyone grab your lunch, find your buddy and board the bus.

Ahh…the open road!

Laura, Jonna, Bobbi…STOP THAT! Don’t make me come back there!

Martha would  never have these problems.


  1. I didn’t see where this was headed, but I’m following through the link.

    Love how you included “butt shaper sketchers” in your post. :)

  2. Do you have a bus driving license? Because I’m not getting on unless this is going to be a safe trip. And I was under the impression lunch was going to be provided, sheesh? Including cookies…not crackers…cookies. Can we stop at Starbucks, I think I may have a coupon somewhere. Oh, and I need to be back pronto, because iI haven’t finished my post for today, and obviously I am easily distracted.

  3. I AM terrifyingly unruly on buses bound for mystery destinations. And the kids didn’t pack the ho-hos…I did. It turns out, additives and preservatives are actually GOOD for your complexion. On my way, now Madame Troop Leader. On my way now….lol.

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