There’s no love like blogger love!

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a very funny blog.

KludgyMom – The Art of Living Haphazardly.

I adore the name. But that’s because I’m married to an engineer and I know what a kludge is. I adore the blog because it’s hysterical. (If you want to read something to make your eyes water, go read this post on why other kids’ birthday presents should be banned.)

Gigi, from KludgyMom, left me a very sweet comment on Saturday and then, directed me to check out her blog for something fun. And was totally stoked (does anybody use that work anymore other than me? Please let there be other 80’s children out there somewhere) to see that she had bestowed this upon me:

And I was absolutely thrilled! Cause, well, I can be as needy as the next woman and this way I can tone down the pathetic pleas for attention on everyone else’s blog for a while. Cause it really felt like I was only a few days from a major blogosphere intervention.

There are two conditions to the award (neither involve wearing Torquemada inspired footwear, thank heavens.) They are: share 7 little-known fun facts about yourself, and then pass the award along to 15 other bloggers.

Okay…Seven little known fun-facts about me.

  1. I lived and worked in England for two years where I was a speech therapist for the National Health Service.
  2. In high school I was a finalist in a “Valley Girl Sound Alike Contest.” I came in second and won a t-shirt.
  3. I have been in over 10 other countries, but have never been to Mexico. (And I live in California. How weird is that?) However, I have kissed the Blarney Stone.
  4. My husband and I sing together and have actually performed in coffee houses and private parties. (That whole being paid thing, though, not so much.)
  5. I’ve competed in two sprint triathlon and am going to be in a third in September (so shouldn’t I be WAY skinnier than I am?)
  6. I was the drum major in my high-school marching band.
  7. At my college graduation roast I won an award for “Most Inappropriate Reaction to a Member of the Insect World.” (For the pitiful reason for this, go here.)

I tried to stay in the “fun” family and less  in the “sad and pitiful” family.

And I don’t know if I have 15 new bloggers that I’ve discovered to give this to yet…I’m still really new at this. And I sort of figure that the more established bloggers don’t really need my bloggy love, they already have it by virtue of the comment stalking regular patronage.

But here are some of my new, daily-check faves (not including KludgyMom cause I think she’s ineligible now.)

Tidbits from the Tremaynes

Time to Make the Brownies

3 Ring Cottage

Bungalow ’56

Taming Insanity (Brand new find!)

Where I Was Today

A Fly on the Wall

40 Days Of

June Cleaver Nirvana (for whom this is probably old hat)

The Suburban Life (my “oldest” bloggy friend.)

And each of these women (with the exception of TamingInsanity because I just found her!) have been hugely supportive, laughing at my jokes, leaving comments when I was convinced no one would be interested in the ridiculous things I have to say, and taking up their own blog space to say kind things about me and my writing. And for creating wonderful blogs that I can’t get through a day without clicking on to see if new, juicy, funny, lovely things are waiting for me, they richly deserve the recognition.

So a HUGE thank you to Gigi, and many other thank-you’s to the wonderful people who read what I write and let me know that they’re entertained by it. Because there’s really not much better than that.

Do I get points for awards? What category would I put them in?


    1. I have, in fact, considered putting it there.

      You know, just to highlight my fun wacky side. Which is exactly what you want to highlight when you’re applying for a job in the critical care unit of a hospital.

  1. OK, so I may have gotten a little long-winded in my acceptance speech. The camera guy kept doing that little twirly finger thing — so that’s my general assumption. But I was just so totally STOKED! (Yes, I said it…you are not the only 80s product lurking about the blogiverse in hot pink leggings and a Members-only jacket, my friend.)

    Thanks so much for the award. It truly does mean a lot :)

    1. You are welcome and mightiliy deserve it. And I am totally claiming total responsibility for your eventual discovery and fame.

      And I also had one of those rainbow shirts. You rememebr, the white ones with the rainbow that went over the chest and down the sleeves?


  2. Ahem, Ahem…I would like to thank the academy for allowing me the opportunity to be acknowledged for my dedication to messiness and also for placing me in the esteemed presence of so many amazing blogger’s who no doubt are also (Really Hot Mama’s) Lori at Martha Points will become the mecca of all laughing and snickering blog reader’s and I bow down in awe before her typo’s.

    Thanks Lori,
    You are a hoot and a sweetie to boot!
    I love hanging out at your place. I just wish there was some way you could serve some of your cookies cyberly. I seem to think about chocolate a lot when I visit.

    1. I would so eat any cybercookies you happened to leave on my virtual doorstep. Because it is very clear to me…you understand the cookie.

      And you’re welcome! Aren’t we in excellent company??? : )

  3. That is totally rad to the max! Thanks so much! It’ll be hard to pass it on to 15 other bloggers since you stole one of my favs, WonderWoman Tremayne. I’m going to check out the one who gave it to you. If she’s half as funny as you and Mandi, I’ll be a fan! Now I did learn something from your facts: SLP, bee fear and sense of humor are the only things we have in common. You couldn’t pay me to sing in front of anybody or run anywhere.

    1. Sorry for the thievery, she’s just so darned funny!

      And *whew*…thank heavens there are still a few of us John-Hughes watching, Benatar-listening survivors left.

      And you’re welcome!!

      1. I guess this would be one of the 7 things I could post about myself but it would be too embarrassing but….I saw Benatar in concert, front row seats I might add and yes, it was the 80’s. Rock on.

      2. YES!!

        I am not alone. I feel so much better. You, me and Laura…and I think someone also mentioned leg-warmers. Maybe Mandi. So we’re all in good company!

  4. Congratulations on your award! I was a marching band geek, too! I played trumpet.

    I have a good friend who is a speech path. Never overseas, though. She works in the Chicago area.

    1. I’m from California…isn’t Chicago oversears? I get a little fuzzy with midwest geography… ; )

      And thank you!

      And I loved being a band geek. Although the drum major uniform was awfully damned short…

  5. I’ve never been to Canada or Mexico but have made it to the Carribean, Germany and India.

    Thanks for the recognition – glad you’ve found me. As a result I’ve found you!

  6. Well, look at that! LOL! I’m honored. I’d like to thank the academy, and my mom & dad, and my husband (because without his support and willingness to do the nasty with me, I wouldn’t have the spawn that provides most of my blog material), and God of course (because God is obviously the reason why I blog), and the guy who invented the internet (wasn’t that Al Gore?), and the person who invented Miller Lite (because without that, my blog posts wouldn’t be NEARLY as funny), and… and… and…

    Seriously though, thank you, dear! I shall work on my own post and nominations now and post it in the morning. I am honored and thank you from the bottom of my blogging, Martha-loving heart. ;)

    1. Miller Lite? Miller Lite is the answers? I’ve been over here with martinis and fake cosmos. (vodka in an olive jar IS a martini, isn’t it?)

      And the bottoms of Martha Lovin hearts are apparently warm and toasty today! (And is that anywhere near the cockels?)

      And…yerwelcome, yerwelcome! : )

  7. Awww Lori. . . you melt my heart! I just don’t know what to say. . . for once I am speechless! I think I will echo Allison and say thank you from the bottom of my blogging, Martha-loving heart. That says it all. So can I re-give this award back to the person giving it then?

  8. Yay! Congrats on the award and the love. By nature (or nurture, more likely), I’m crazy stoic and not at all comfortable with outward displays of affection. But, man, this blogosphere place is so full of it, it makes me feel a little … vaklempt? Do people still say that?

    Clearly, you deserve it.


    1. Thank you, mam’selle!

      And I don’t care if people say “vaklempt” any more or not. It is an EXCELLENT word and should be brought back into high circulation.

  9. Thank you so much!! You are such a sweetie!!

    I will post about this and check out your other new favs after my crazy weekend is over!! =)

    My husband and I sang together in a church play one time several years ago, it was fun…..but we didn’t get paid either!

    1. You are welcome!

      I love awards. They’re a ton of fun.

      And I think anyone who is brave enough to try and carry a tune in public should be paid. There should be a general fund or something.

  10. Wow, what a nice plug I received! :) I used “stoked” at least 6 times in the last 3 days while baking – you guessed it – a Martha yellow cake recipe and some buttercream frosting. I was stoked because it tasted reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good.

    1. Ok, I think between all of us we will get “stoked” back into common usage.

      And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

      And YUM on the buttercream treat. Think of me when you scarf it down.

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