At least it matches the carpet.

This is in my living room.

Nobody…and I mean NOBODY…better suggest that we don’t really, REALLY love our cats.

And despite the fact that is 8-linear-feet-worth-of-adoration for the furry demons that infest our home….it is ENORMOUS. And it is IN MY LIVING ROOM.

It costs me: -11 Martha Points

Interventions, treatment program recommendations, support group suggestions or links to people even further in the deep end than we are can be sent to:


  1. How many negative points when that thing is all scratched up and raggedy?

    Mine may not be as big, but it’s … ugh. It looks like it went through a hurricane, then was trampled by elephants, and ultimately buried in a shallow grave and dug back up by a pack of hyenas.

    The cat loves it, though, and that’s all that matters. Right? Right?

    I can’t let him see this, yours, the holy grail of cat fun. He already resents me enough.

  2. I don’t have cats (they make me sneeze…and wheeze…and all sorts of other not very fun stuff!) but if I could have a cat…that is exactly the kind of thing I would want for it! Awesome! =)

  3. …symptoms include:

    -wearing strictly sweaters [or sweater vests…or anything with cats on it]
    -cats perching on the breast-area
    -cat treats [if you say it’s because they do tricks then I’m calling an ambulance]
    -shamelessly displaying cat furniture [check]

    You may or may not have ….the cat lady.


    Get yourself checked out. I know a few good support groups if you need it.

    1. Umm….with my rather marked mammary cantilevering, ANYTHING can perch on the breast area. So I declare myself immune from that symptom.

      My cats get treats, but it has nothing to do with tricks (my cats wouldn’t be caught dead doing tricks – I’m sure they think it’s beneath them.) But it has everything to do with occasionally trying to bribe them OUT of the room we need them out of.

      And… umm…I have one t-shirt with a cat on it.

      I can’t tell….am I crazy cat lady or not????

  4. I found myself slowing shaking my head, muttering, “Oooooh….Nnnnnooooo” as I realized what that was in the middle of your living room!

    1. Sad, isn’t’ it?

      I shake my head and mutter when I look at it. Although, believe it or not, after a while it sort of fades into the background. Or that could be my subconscious trying to protect itself.

  5. Ummm…I’m not quite sure what to say.

    I don’t know if you’re crazier to have it there, or that you took pictures to splay all over bloggy land.

    My sister and her husband are both Vets and cat lovers, but I think even they would be concerned about you. It looks like it may make a good side table for tall people though. : )


    1. It started out much smaller in my head. Then Himself (the engineer) got ahold of it, and…well, clearly no goo can ever come of that.

      To keep from totally losing my mind, it is not mounted on anything. It wedges snugly around that support beam, but it is portable and when I’m having company that I would like to keep oblivious about the level of my insanity, we take it out to the garage.

  6. I don’t see that cat “thingy” as a negative for the points (on the contrary!). However, the real trouble starts when Nimbus decides to jump from high up there down to the sofa when someone is sitting there sipping wine …

  7. Maybe you get extra Martha Points because it matches the carpet and isn’t Martha a dog person?…so somewhere there must be points for loving your cat so much you would do this.

  8. Did your kitties just *know* it was for them when you hauled it in? My FIL made a corner cat tree for mine and she flipped out and jumped on it before it was all the way in the house!

    Better that than ruining your couches and climbing your blinds (I assume a major MP deduction for those)!

    1. Yes, they were on it in two seconds. Somehow, despite having never seen a cat climber in their collective lives…they knew. It’s a little unnerving.

  9. I think if you built the cats a seperate bungalow type structure to keep their cat ladder in then your Martha points would sky rocket. Oh and a zip line…cause that is just funny!!

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