Typing in Weird Places

Yeah, the title’s just a teaser. I will explain it in a few days. Promise.

I’m exhausted. And the back of my knee hurts. And I have to explain that in a few days too.

I know. I’m not usually so much about the enigmatic. But I promise to explain it in a few days.

I have a few MP announcements.

1. I did NOT win “Awesomest Overall Blog” over at I Am Mommy. Although, I was proud to see that I did sweep the California vote. Which is good, because when you can’t carry your home state that really says something bad about your political clout. So I am happy to be able to say that all of the local friends and family that I bullied/bribed/pleaded/whined into voting did actually vote for me. The alternative is absolute pitifulness.

2. I’m not too hugely heartbroken because A) I was up against a few major powerhouse bloggers (And can we take a moment to discuss the appropriateness of campaigning for your friends if you happen to BE a powerhouse blogger? I mean, if you get 300k-400k hits a month is it appropriate to use your influence in the voting? Aren’t there campaign contribution laws around somewhere about this? Shouldn’t one of the voter advocacy groups hear about this???) B) I got a really sweet award from a fellow blogger that made me feel awfully appreciated. C) Getting nominated alone was really cool. And D) There are Peanut Butter M&M’s in this world where I live, so, basically it’s all good.

3. Points update: Previous score: +22 points. There was a penalty assigned because in this post, I claimed an Australian would say, “first bloody place,” which was totally wrong, because an Australian would really say, “first place, mate.” And of course the person who pointed this out, Nixthings, is in fact Australian and might be a better authority than me. So a 3 point deduction was levied. And Nixthings, who was an outrageously good-humored sport when I inserted snark into her comment purely for humor value, gets +5 Martha Points for Graciousness.  Also, as noted in this post about the pathological need we have to cater to our cats, I took an -11 point hit for upending the aesthetic of my otherwise lovely living room.  Bringing today’s total to: +8 points

I seem to remember only a month or so ago having something like 47 points to bandy about like so many…hmmm…what does one bandy about, exactly? When does bandy-ing even happen anymore? Is bandy-ing one of the new lost arts, like letter-writing? I’ll have to think about this. I hate when handy frolick-making words go extinct. Like “cavort.” Does anyone even manage any cavorting these days? Should we be doing more about this? Should we form committees to bring cavorting back into our schools?

In Pursuit of Martha Points…where to go for all your psychotic homemaking and ridiculous activism needs. Brought to you by Any Medication Designed for Highly Distractable Writers!

So I’m sitting here with +8 points and finding myself a little paralyzed. One wrong move puts me in negative numbers, and I haven’t been in negative numbers since the cat ate the banana bread.  But then, doing nothing allows entropy to increase, also magnifying my risk of a slide to the ugly side of zero.

There’s only one answer to this.

Watching old episodes of “Divine Design” on the DVR.



  1. I’m pretty sure those guys at Benihana are bandying their knives.

    And in my little corner of the world a hog and a frog quite frequently cavort in a bog. Although I have not done any cavorting myself recently.


    p.s. I will be waiting with bated breath to hear the story of your knee. And why you’re exhausted. And the teaser title.

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