Monday Potluck!

Ok, I can’t tell you how desperately I need a potluck right now. Except, I don’t want to bring anything. I know that’s poor form and will cost me points, but I’m tired, everything I own is still stuffed in a suitcase and a bottle of moisturizer exploded all over my pajamas. Anything can happen at 35,000 feet. Snakes. Exploding moisturizer. (True Story: At one point during the flight, an attendant came on the PA and announced, “If I could have everyone’s attention please, we seem to have lost a pet…” And Himself and I both had flashbacks to “Snakes On A Plane.” It wasn’t a snake though, it was a puppy. Which was swiftly recovered. Too bad. I wouldn’t have minded seeing a puppy.)

But Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana is throwing her weekly potluck, and you know I just can’t say “no.” Except last week. I was in Minnesota and I think potlucks are illegal there. Something about all the lakes.

So a Potluck is a collection of random things that together make a funny post. Holly invented it, patented it, is currently doing focus groups and plans to market it at local grocery stores as soon as the data is in. So I’m happy to play!

I’m not sure where to go with this, it seems to be following me around: this week I got “quell the guilt.” Guilt is apparently a big thing on the internet and repeatedly brings people to a post wherein I confess to almost burning the house down with a bouquet of flowers.  But this week I also got “things to look for under the couch.” Which, you know, I’m happy to help with. As a public service.

I get a lot of questions in comments and emails from people asking about things that might garner (or lose) points for them. My feeling about the Martha Points Scale is that it’s pretty darned flexible, and designed to be Ecumenical and embrace efforts (or lack thereof) of all faiths. And my favorite request this week came from Sandrine who asked if she could have points for not killing her students. To this I say, “SURE!” I think reigning yourself in to the point where you are safe to operate in an instructional setting without fear of homicide is certainly point-worthy. +5 Points for Sandrine.

While we were traveling, it appears that the cats:

  • threw several parties
  • invited neighborhood wildlife
  • ordered pizza (and I bet they didn’t tip the delivery guy)
  • and may have also ordered Pay Per View movies.

We’ll know for sure when the cable bill comes.

Chocolate Almond Custard. But this only because 1) I didn’t make it myself, and 2) It’s basically ice cream.

Coming Attraction

I’ll use this button to post progress on my triathlon training. The event is in September. But this week the best I could offer is dragging luggage on wheels through an airport, and that’s a pretty lame training effort. I’ll have more to offer next week.

Ok, since my tech skills do not extend to making the blog hop link work here, I’ll link back to the PotLuck so everyone can carry on. Thanks for coming! Tip your waitress! I’ll be here all week!


    1. I, personally, spelled it wrong for about a year. And I totally ignored all the little red line thingies that were alerting me to my error, assuming that *I* was far smarter than it was. That is because I am often a dork.

      And it’s a sprint triathlon, not one of the big scary ones. I’m not THAT crazy, I’m relieved to say. : )

  1. Do you need anyone to guest post for you while you’re training??? I’d be happy to….

    I totally lose points for schilling like that don’t I?

    Also – snakes on a plane? Terrifying. Actually, snakes anywhere is terrifying. Please don’t tell Daryl Van Horne on me ok?

    1. I promise to tell no one about your snake aversion. That’ll just be between you, your snakes and me and my bees, k?

      And I may need a guest post as the training gets more intense later in the summer. The last 6 weeks are pretty grueling.

      Or I’d be happy to trade a post sometime if you think that’d be fun.

  2. My cats apparently had a wild party while we were out to dinner last weekend. House was clean when we left and there were shredded papers and empty plastic cups all over the kitchen when we came home.

    1. LOL!

      Personally, I think after they announced that there was a puppy on board, they should have made the puppy take a tour. I wanted to see a puppy. It would have taken my mind off the snakes.

  3. I am so glad it wasn’t snakes on a plane. That was my first thought too. I am so excited you are doing the triathlon. Impressed and excited.

    I love the idea of you awarding points to others! Genius! hahahaha.

    Thanks for potluckin’ and so glad you avoided a MN potluck arrest last week. I would hate to be responsible for that.

    PS. I think if you are hosted through .wordpress then you can’t embed java script which is what the fancy linky blog hop is. And yes, I just ended a sentence with IS. just deduct a few points.

    1. We were a little taken aback that they announced, “We’ve lost a pet…” That just leaves all kinds of doors open to the imagination. If you lost a PUPPY say PUPPY from the beginning. Don’t let peoples’ minds turn to snakes, cause you know darn well they will!

  4. I am liking this “potluck” idea! I typically name my random posts something about being random, or “deep thoughts by jack handey”. One or the other.

    1. I probably should have checked…would have avoided a whole lot of anxiety about the pot-luck thing.

      Although, what a woman and her computer do in the privacy of her home office and all…

  5. I think you should get points for carrying moisturizer while traveling, and for leaving such a spacious and relaxing retreat for your cats while you were gone.

    1. Well, the alternative to carrying moisturizer when I travel is “Invasion of the California Lizard Woman,” and that’s NOT how I want to get my movie of the week.

    1. I know. How naive are we? Somewhere at DishNetwork, someone’s eyeglasses are melting over our most recent PPV movie selections.

      And you just know NO ONE is going to believe me.

    1. We thought about that too!

      “Maybe the puppy is a ruse and there’s really a six-foot anaconda making its way back to the drink cart.”

      Of course they would never SAY that, but you know everyone’s thinking it.

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