The Best Shots (aka – The In-Focus Shots)

A few of my favorite shots from the week.

So our Minnesota friends took us to a mall. A mall? We thought, not really being mall people. But we didn’t want to seem unappreciative that we were being taken to a mall so we gamely headed inside. Turns out that the mall is the Mall of America, and is a spectacle that needs to be experienced. For instance, no malls anywhere near me have an amusement park inside complete with roller-coasters and log-flume. And I’m not kidding about the log-flume.

But also in the Mall of America is a butterfly enclosure. I was SO excited and wandered around, holding my camera with my breath held, tiptoeing around the foliage taking…exactly 5 shots before my battery died. Fuzzy pictures of giant mall-park: 20 shots. Beautiful, close-up pictures of butterflies: 5 shots. I hate when the out-of-focus roller-coasters beat the butterflies.

And just so the American side of Niagara Falls doesn’t feel ignored or unappreciated, here’s a shot taken of that side of this amazing, glorious, mind-boggling natural wonder.

Except I can’t help it, this is another shot of Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. Really, typically I’m VERY patriotic.

This was one leg of the rigorous, grueling, Chocolate-Almond-Custard Research Project. The consensus on this particular subject (all scores out of 10): creaminess – 9, chocolatiness – 7, almond-decliciousness – 10. Further subjects not pictured, but we think this was the premiere specimen.

Not entirely sure what this flower was, but it was pretty and stood still long enough for me to photograph it. Which really is all I’m ever looking for in a subject. (Tried to take pictures of a jam session Himself had with one of his oldest friends, but in low-light conditions getting clear pictures is a little awkward as I never realized that musicians MOVED SO DAMNED MUCH. Oh well.)

And finally, in good light and high shutter speed, a picture of my beloved butt-over-elbow on a trampoline. I think the fact that he has a beard at the moment makes this photo more distinguished.

I believe I took 225 pictures, at least 11 of them were in focus, so my accuracy is improving. So I think in the name of craft and hobby evolution, I shall award myself +4 points. But, I’m still pretty tired so I may not be thinking clearly. I may deduct them from myself later.

This post happily linked to “Sweet Shot Tuesday” at My 3 Boybarians and “Shutter Love Tuesday” at Trendy Treehouse.


  1. Beautiful shots of the falls!
    I was actually at the Mall of America two weekends ago (boyfriend lives up there). I nearly peed myself when I walked in. I’m not much of a shopper, but I had to put a lock around my wallet so I wouldn’t buy everything in sight…because who doesn’t need a Transformer made out of Lego’s.

    1. I have a picture of the Lego store! (Two, technically, but I only count the in focus one.)

      And we were on a tight timeline, so no shopping, but I’m sure I would have been the same way. I don’t like shopping, but you put THAT sort of buffet in front of me and there’s bound to be SOMETHING that I’d die without. ; )

  2. I’m from Minnesota – too cool to see the MOA on your post! The butterfly exhibit is beautiful, your photo is lovely. I may have to make a trip to the Twin Cities and bring my camera. I’m from north central MN so I don’t get down there too often. You may have inspired me though! :) I’d also love to see Niagara Falls someday. It’s on my LIST.

    1. The Falls were simply awe-inspiring. And we didn’t even have great weather on our side.

      And the MOA was mind-boggling too, but in a totally different sort of way. : ) But the butterflies alone might be worth it. It’s a teensy little enclosure but there were butterflies EVERYWHERE.

    1. Thank you! I take pictures of all sorts of flowers and have to ask people what they are because apparently, my memory for that sort of thing has been shot full of holes.

  3. That picture on the trampoline picture is awesome! I love when action shots come out so well!

    (found your blog over at a belle, a bean…)

  4. I desperately need a new camera. This has been clear since I started blogging – I never would have been able to get that awesome trampoline shot. But maybe that’s because my husband does not have a beard.

  5. i loved your post… it was just too funny! i give you +10 for all the great photos, regardless of how many you had to take to get these.. .the butterfly shot alone HAS to be worth at least +8… :)

    1. I took a handful, including one of the roller-coaster zooming past us. Had to pick one though, for fear of making everyone else’s eyes glaze over.

      Although one I took of the lego store was really cool!

      Yes, I am highly ridiculous. We find it charming.

  6. Great shots, Lori.

    And I like the Canadian side of the falls much better as well…

    Himself on the trampoline? Priceless!

    1. You know, W & D offered to leave their trampoline for us here and we said no.

      Still probably the best idea, but this looked SOOOO fun.

    1. In general, I tend to miss any interesting action, or time the shot the split-second AFTER whatever cool thing is taking place has already taken place.

      But, out of 32 trampoline shots, I did manage to get at least ONE really good one. Yay me. : )

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