Announcements and a Re-Count (No Supreme Court Necessary)

Ok, let’s see here…where are my notes? Blanche, do you have the schedules?…Blanche, these are the schedules from last semester. (Quick! Name that movie!)

  1. Despite the attempts of some people, who shall remain nameless but who write a blog called Funnyorsnot, to attempt the outrageously subversive tactic of declaring the drawing for the Mug o’ Martha points closed, it is in fact still open and will be through Friday morning at 9-ish, Pacific time. (I am in Pacific time, right? Still? California hasn’t disconnected from the continent and drifted into Hawaii time while I was asleep or anything, has it?) Leave a comment for the (totally random) drawing here.
  2. Multiple entries for the drawing, while hugely entertaining and good for side-busting laughs, will be adjusted for. But I encourage all efforts because they crack me up. Also, I want to see where the lace-apron and pudding wrestling war goes.
  3. Mandi over at Tidbits from Tremayne’s asked where the mug came from. I crafted the art in Paintbrush (the Mac version of Paint) and uploaded it, got to see what it looked like on the mug, and then ordered away. Note: it is possible to spend significantly less than what I spent, but the add-ons kept tempting me (the larger size, for instance, and the colored interior). It’s just like buying a car. Except it’s a mug.
  4. For those of you who may not have noticed, Kaira (no blog address available) touched a penguin over the weekend. She offered that up in a points total, although confessing that she wasn’t sure how touching a penguin garnered points. Frankly, neither am I. I don’t think I included the fondling of flightless waterfowl in the Scale anywhere, but it’s still HUGELY cool.  I wanna touch a penguin.
  5. In a show of amazing reader consensus, it seems the general opinion is that I did not award myself adequate points for not running out of wine while my mother-in-law was here. I just sort of figured that having your libations avoided due to quality considerations was not quite the same as adequately stocking, but many readers feel I am splitting hairs (or corks) here and so it seems a re-count is in order.

Photo credit Mateusz Stachowski at

Drum roll please.

Previous total: -1 point

  • For NOT running out of wine while mom-in-law was here, despite the possibility that Himself and his mom, in an effort to avoid duodenal ulcers, were actively avoiding the wine I couldn’t be bothered to pay more than $5 a bottle for, I hereby adjust my previous points from +8 points to +18 points.

Which brings my new total to: +9 points

Oh, that feels so much better. Like Birkenstocks that don’t actually look like Birkenstocks. I HATE being in negative numbers. At least, not if I don’t have a really good rationalization at the ready or a kid or a cat to blame.

And coming soon to a blog near you…

The Stupid Tax

Stay tuned.

That’s it for today’s announcements and remember, if you can’t be an athlete,  be an athletic supporter. (Second movie hint!)


  1. “Now maybe next year you’ll find the ones for this semester.”
    “If it had been a snake it’d have bitten me.”

    GREASE! Dang someone beat me to it.

    Thank you for adjusting your score.

  2. I cannot wait for the stupid tax. Should we start a congressional writing campaign to get it passed? Because Lord knows they could use some money…

    1. I sort of wanted to collect the money for us. I need a stimulus bill too!

      Plus, you have a new cell phone to buy.

  3. Just so you know?

    There are no Birkenstocks that do not look like Birkenstocks. Seriously.

    And with Birkenstocks? Even if they are disguised as regular shoes?

    There is mocking.

  4. The penguin-touching adventure was truly, truly fab. …but Martha would have presented the penguin with a hand-woven basket full of fish & a sweater knit from some kind of super chill-resistant wool from a rare sheep or goat from Mount Everest. I, sadly, was not as prepared–but I WAS wearing my, “I Heart Penguins” button.

    I want to win the mug–if not for me, for the penguin! Think of the penguins!

    So glad to see points in the plus-zone! They are wholly deserved.

  5. Dang, (and no I don’t use that word very often, so it doesn’t feel all that comfortable sitting there, but I’m going with it.) I need to stop by more often. I mean I do, but I must just miss the post and I’m always a day late trying to figure out what went on while I was away. Penguins, more points, pudding fights. Do you always party this hard?
    Love ya,

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