Points for Self-Restraint?

Last night after reading the post about the Glorious Acquisition of the Ashtray and getting to the part about how I was going to avoid discussing the master bathroom and the point-stealing black-hole that it is, Himself said, “So when will the condition of the master bedroom be docking you points?”

And I, in a feat of self-restraint equalled only by the time I avoided throttling the chocolatier who didn’t think that $3 was an obscene price for a caramel turtle, I did not throw a shoe at him.

So really, I should get more points. Right? RIGHT??


  1. *wicked giggle* The condition of the master bedroom NEVER docks points unless seen by someone not counted by the Census bureau as residing in said home!

    This is a sacred space reserved for the Master and Mistress of the House, and as such, is the last bastion of sanity and freedom of expression for both to “let it all hang out” and be the slobs that I “hope” you really are under this Martha-varnished perfection.

    In other words – close the door, and no points fall out.

    1. “Close the door and no points fall out” may the best rule I have heard…EVER!

      And I do think I counted both of us on the census. Yes, I’m sure of it.


  2. I like your line of thinking. Sounds exactly how I would work it, ur, I mean detail it. If none of us have seen it, you can’t dock points…that would just be ridiculous :)

    1. Sometimes simply inspired things come from the wise and lovely people who comment on my blog.

      Which, in a way really, is sorta threatening now that I think about it.

  3. I think the above comment about closing the door so no points fall out to be the wisest course of action. At the very least point docking seems better suited for Monday.

  4. I cannot legally attempt to get Martha Points base don my master bedroom and master bathroom…both are holes and 1/2 of “us” thinks it is fine that way…ick! Loved your ashtray!

    1. Well, the general consensus was “If the door’s closed, the points can’t fall out!”

      Which is a philosophy I may be taking to heart REALLY soon!

  5. It was such a lovely Father’s Day, my wonderful sweetheart. Thank you for making it special – but then, you make every single day of my life special.

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