Potluck in Pictures

So today is the final installment of Holly’s Potluck O’ Wonder and Enchantment! (She doesn’t really call it that, but wouldn’t it be fun if she did?)

And today, our potluck is going to be mostly juicy, tasty, melt-in-your-mouth pictures. (Although words and I, we go way back…it’s almost impossible for me to not add words. “Wordless Wednesdays” are just simply not going to ever happen here.)

We could have fit "War and Peace" on it if we'd wanted to.

Someone got to IPoMP by googling “Obscene Beatles lyrics.” Now, this is my mother’s cake from her 64th birthday. The lyrics are from “When I’m 64,” and although they are slightly wrong, they are not obscene. But since I believe this is the only post where I have ever mentioned Beatles lyrics, I have to assume that the search engine fairies sent our fair googler to these pictures.

Ok, you caught me. This picture has nothing to do with the cats. The cats came up somewhat short on the evil contribution this week. This picture is of the shoes that Himself is set to dispose of after his “Adventures in the Swale.” But I figure that any chance I get to blame random evil on the cats should be taken full advantage of.

I did manage to avoid any burning of our 4th of July cake. I mean, it’s mostly cool-whip. Regardless of how distractible I am, it’s hard to burn cool-whip.

This week’s points go to KLZ at “Taming Insanity” for suggesting not one, but three potential names for the zombie-eyeball-noodle concoction.  Here are her offerings:

  • +10 Martha Points Chicken
  • Scalding Oil and Ginger Chicken
  • Chicken that KLZ Could Not Make

For these inspired (and numerous) suggestions, KLZ gets +6 Martha Points!

And finally….

Four workouts this week: two runs, one bike and one swim. In none of these activities did I injure myself or another person, although when the toddler bobbed into my lane during my swim it was a bit touch-and-go (for me, not the toddler).

Alright, everyone head on over for one final drink at June Cleaver Nirvana to celebrate the end of the pot-luck season, and don’t forget to tip your blogger generously!


    1. The cake came out well, but…with chocolate cake, cool-whip and fresh berries, it would have taken serious talent to screw it up.

    1. LOL…you are not an assclown, there’s no formal contest.

      Just a random thing that leaps out at me from the week.

      Or once I gave points just for people admitting that they were OCD as me.

      That was a LARGE group, oddly enough.

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