You can’t take me anywhere!

Except you can.


I mind my manners.

I almost never eat with the butter knife.

I often know which fork to use.

Only in the direst emergency do I use the tablecloth as a napkin. (And that time in The Cheesecake Factory was totally and completely not my fault. I mean, the waiter was on fire, what else was I supposed to use? And the judge decided there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the flaming truffle torte incident was my fault, anyway.)

So really. I’m portable and am really entertaining on long car trips.

So people d0 invite me over.

Quit looking so startled!

I’m interesting!

And seldom incarcerated.

Case in point:

The lovely Molly over at Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce and I have something in common. Well, more than just the smoking, sexy good looks, the inspired approach to motherhood and the envious hate-mail from Angelina Jolie. The other thing that we have in common is the peaceful divorce part.

I was blessed that the end of my marriage with Child A’s dad went…well, I won’t say “smoothly” because divorce can never be. It is painful, there is grief and loss. But when that rare parting happens were the people are whole and caring on the other side of it…well, it is a wonderful gift.

When I told Molly that we had this in common, she asked if I would write a guest post for her.

My answer: I would be honored.

So that post – which is really not so much about the funny, it is in fact a piece about why I think I was able to construct a peaceful divorce – is running today. I am hopeful that I shared something worthwhile on her blog, because it really deserves quality words.

So go…click…say hi to Molly!

And for heaven’s sake, don’t embarrass me!


    1. It’s so hard to do the advice heeding thing when you’re in the middle of it…really, really hard.

      And you do NOT sound like a fortune cookie. You sound like a self-help book!

      Much better, right? ;)

  1. I say, for having a peaceful divorce, you should give yourself all the Martha Points in the world. That’s a definite accomplishment.

    If you’re entertaining on road trips like you said, we could’ve used you this weekend. Where were you?!?!

  2. I’ve never been divorced and hopefully never will. However, I’ve seen family members who divorced and it was awful and I’ve seen family members divorced who did the way you and your ex did. I hope if I’m ever faced with it, I would follow your model and your advice. I hate drama with a passion and love our son with a passion as does my husband so hopefully we would be able to do that. Great post!

  3. I have never ever seen a peaceful divorce. I have seen divorces in which the couples eventually manage to achieve peace, bu the actual divorcing? Not so much. Clicking over.

  4. I was s0 comforted hearing your stories in person as I was going through my own painful struggles. And I believe that mine ended up peaceful as well. Thank you for your contribution to that.

  5. What a mature course of action you decided to take. I’m very proud of you! In my divorce, we opted for more exciting courses – one of which resulted in a blown out transmission in someone’s car – not mine or his. I’m right this minute so happy that I’m no longer 25 and we are through with this mess. If I were ever to divorce again, it would be different.

    In case my husband sees this… that doesn’t apply to you – I meant “til death do us part” and if you try to get away – it could get ugly. I was referring to my NEXT marriage… in case I outlive you… like if you try to get away and some kind of “accident” befalls you. :-D

    1. I’m sure the current, very wise, very devoted, very loving husband would never do anything that would necessitate any tragic accidents that would hasten you to widow-hood.

      And I’m envisioning the blown-out transmissions scene….very intriguing…. ;)

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