All Blogs Great and Small

It started with one person opening up a buggy piece of software and typing a few Times New Roman words in a blank white box.

I’m making some assumptions with “Times New Roman” and “white,” but odds are on my side, I think.

It grew into a small group of people struggling to explain to their friends and family what they were doing.

Why are you writing a journal and putting it on the World Wide Web for everyone to look at??

Which inched its way into a few communities of people who left comments to encourage each other.

Awesome post! Who knew you could do that without power tools!

And then got the attention of the media.

Who are these “Bloggers,” and why do they think anyone is interested in what they have to say?

Which made more people think it was something they’d like to try.

I could write a blog. I have thoughts. (Name that movie.)

So the topics became diverse and sometimes unexpected.

Ooh, look. A blog about macaroni art!

And people made connections where they thought they never could.

Finally someone who understands my over-steamed-milk-at-Starbucks anxiety!

And more people read, and more people wrote.

How can I ever keep up with all the things I want to read?!?

More people found a voice, and more people connected with more people.

Let me tell you why this is important!

Causes were celebrated, vulnerable populations were bolstered.

So many people donated, I couldn’t keep from crying.

The business world took notice.

How many readers do I need before I can run ads and make back my hosting money?

The tech community took notice.

We can make blogs better. Faster. We have the technology. (Name that TV show.)

And a movement of people millions strong changed the face of communication, the nature of business, and the fundamentals of language.

What do you mean the API is overloaded? Where’s my stream??

A vocal, effervescent, articulate, dedicated, supportive, innovative and creative sub-culture now exists in this world.

And I am proud to be a part of it.

This post happily linked to “Word Up, Yo!” with the Nerd Mafia. Hop to Liz, KLZ’s or Nat’s place to get your mafia on, and at “Your Best Written Post” at The Red Dress Club.


  1. Ooooh! The 6 Million Dollar Blog! I loved that show. The Bionic Blog? Also good. :)

    It is funny to reflect on things like that…I think about all the archaic stuff that was normal to me that my kids will just never understand. And I will feel old. LoL

    1. LOL! Yes! The Six Million Dollar Blog!

      And every once in a while I say something and Himself looks at me like I have two heads.

      “Was that even English?” He will ask me.

      “Ummm….sorta…” Is what I generally answer.

      1. LoL Hub does the same thing to me. He is only 2 years younger than me (& might I had turning the big 3-0 on Sunday…), but he has a way of making me feel really old sometimes.

        I get the blank stare followed by “Huh? What are you talking about…?” quite frequently. I usually blame it on Dinosaur/Human relations from back in the day & that he wouldn’t understand….*sigh*

  2. Ha Ha I love it. My family still wonders why I do it. They don’t get it. I loved The Bionic Man. I wish I could write posts as fast as he runs.

    1. I type pretty quickly, although I’m sure Steve could out-do me.

      But my daughter comes in just shy of 100 words per minute.

      It’s crazy listening to her type.

  3. I love the meta-analysis of blogging. You are such a smart woman. You sure brought up points that I had never thought of. This blogging community has certainly expanded my horizons.

    I just started my blog because so many people kept telling me that I needed to share my stories of my peaceful divorce so that others could hear that it is possible. It started on FB. I would do periodic posts that I called Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce. The little snippets eventually became stories and here I am a blogger now.

    Is that my new title?

    Love you!

    1. Yes! You are a blogger. You are a writer.

      And you, dear lady, are so wise and generous to share what you know about that painful topic.

      I think if even a few more people think about making it a goal, then a little less anger gets released into this world.

      And that is a very special and important thing.

      And I’d be happy to write a second piece for you! Something funny this time. :)

  4. See? SEE?????

    This is why I don’t do Word up, Yo!

    cuz of stuff like this right here.

    Forget it, ya know? I’m not in for public humiliation..”oooh…look at me try to be martha points.”

    Aint’ happenin’..

    brilliant, fantastic, you got a case of the smartliness. Dang clever.

    1. I am rolling on the floor! “Oooh…look at me try to be martha points!!”

      That anyone would even want to TRY cracks me up and makes me feel wonderful.

      And please, as if i haven’t been cracking up over in your kingdom.

      Also, +5 Martha Points for you for awesome word-making-uppage.

  5. Drat! Kristin beat me to the movie line!

    I just write because my vocal cords would go out if I sat around and SPOKE my thoughts all day long.

    And Empress! If anyone can crank out a comment with the word “smartliness” in it, you’d be the one to write a great Word Up! post.

    1. Wasn’t that a great word??

      I wonder how many husbands/partners are REALLY happy their other halves blog to spare their poor ears?

      Probably more than we think.

    1. Nimbus as a mascot a little dicey. Anything not made of kevlar is potentially in jeopardy.

      But I’m all for a manifesto! How much to carve this post into a marble slab, do you think?

  6. Just found you through Word Up, Yo! How very clever you are, indeed! Absolutely love your point system and am now in pursuit of some “happy points.”

    1. I am happy that “Happy points!” will be making their way through internet land to you!

      I will even do a brief but ridiculous happy dance for joy!

  7. I was going to guess Julie and Julia too! (I see you already verified that).
    For a long time I thought blogging was kind of weird…a little exhibitionist…but I never realized that people comment and interact…and that is so much fun! I’m totally hooked! And if someone else thinks that I am weird…well, that’s nothing new to me!

  8. Great use of the WOW! Sometimes I see the words and then there are no words to go with it. I hate it when I can’t think of something good. Sadly, I’ve only participated once. Maybe I’ll be inspired next week!

    1. Mostly with the WOW I sit down and write and the word just seems to wiggle its way in somewhere.

      They’re crafty, those wow-words. Or, wowrds, as they can also be known. ;)

  9. There are so many references to that movie, but I’d have to take 2 hours off from blogging and reading blogs to actually watch it. Unless my computer breaks down I’ll probably never see it.

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