Stay Tuned.

I can see it: you woke up this morning, looked in your reader or your in-box and….and….there was nothing from me.

Telling yourself to stay calm, you clicked over to the webpage to see…the post you already read from Saturday.

Reminding yourself what an overactive imagination you sometimes have, you thought…sometimes she posts a little later in the morning…and settled back to wait with a second cup of coffee.

But when 11:00 am PST rolled around and there was nothing there, you sent out a saint Bernard. And a Canadian Mountie. And the Red Cross.

So I’m telling you, don’t worry. Everything is fine.

But thank you for the Mountie.


My absence this morning is due to a big blogging project. A big deal. A big special deal. Something that has reduced me to tears a few times while I  have crafted words for it.

I will launch it tomorrow.

So please stay tuned.

(No breath holding though. You’ll just pass out and start breathing anyway, but you could hit your head on something sharp. Here. Have a cookie that the Red Cross brought me.)


  1. Aw I’m rather intrigued. Can I please have the Saint Bernard…actually, maybe not, my room is rather small…

    1. My firm, Dewy, Cheatem and Howe, have advised me that due diligence proceeded on this post in accordance with the Blog Cannons and that I am effectively covered against any liability and collateral damage with the necessary Hold Harmless clauses.

      I’m not a lawyer, I just watched a lot of people play them on TV.

  2. Dress Up? As in Mr? I loved him as a kid. I wish I could draw. He’s Canadian too. I loved his puppet Casey. Girl or boy? He never said. Can’t stay focused when I’ve been told I can have some blog candy at a later date.

  3. Are those good tears or bad tears?

    Well, at least you had the Mountie to comfort you. And cookies. Cookies fix a lot…..ooooh and if the St. Bernard made it there, there might be some alcohol too, you know in that little barrel on his collar.

    Not holding my breath…….but kind of wanting too.

    Does the surprise involve Lori-gebra? That would explain your absence. All that fancy math and all.

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