All You Need is Love…and a really trashy purse.

Have you ever had one of those ideas…

It creeps in, a silly, stray thought. It latches onto something. It tugs at your brain and suddenly you can’t stop thinking about it and it just gets bigger, and twirls faster, and you just know it’s something the universe meant for you to do?

If you haven’t, just humor me for a moment.

But I bet you have.

Go here.

You heard me. Go here.

Ok  1)You didn’t go yet because you want to finish reading here first, or 2)You went there and then came back to finish reading, or 3)Linking is somehow bizarrely broken on your web browser at the moment.

Those three circumstances are all fine. But if #3 is the problem, please call tech support. Your average 11-year-old should do nicely.

So I have decided to spend a year raising money for the American Stroke Association by way of making you all play and have a good time because you should be doing that REGULARLY but I know you aren’t and don’t lie to me and try and pretend that you really are.

I will explain now, and I will probably cry…because writing some of the things I wrote for the Project: Purse and Boots blog made me cry.

I work in adult rehab. I have seen stroke…destroy lives. I have seen people choose to die because they did not want to live with the damage they’d suffered. I watched my grandmother fight her way back from it, and watched it take away the ground on which my dad stood.

I have also spent a lot of my time as woman, wife and mother, trying to get people to take good care of themselves, take time for themselves, to connect and build ties. People with strong friend and family relationships live longer. People who engage in regular recreation live longer.

And yet we DON’T. Not without a reason.

I am giving you a reason. I am begging and pleading with you to use this as a reason because I want you to take every opportunity that presents itself to you to play, to laugh, to give and receive love.

And while you do that, I am going to find organizations that will donate money to find a way to prevent stroke and heart disease on behalf of people taking a night to celebrate themselves and care for themselves.

Please Tweet this, blog this, and most of all…Sign up to Host the Purse!

You’ll have fun. And save some lives.

For a year, I pledge to celebrate the women (and men!) I love – whether or not we have ever met – by getting them to spend a few hours in laughter and play while raising money to fight one of the diseases that scares me the most.

I hope you will come with me while I do this.

We are always so much stronger – and so much greater – when we are together.


  1. What a fantastic idea to benefit such a wonderful organization! I’m glad we inspired you and I can’t wait to host the purse :)

    Oh, and it was #2 for me…I actually went and read it and then came back to finish this post!

  2. I’m so in awe of you! That you took this idea from a little seedling last week, and have a full blown program around it now is just incredible.

    Can you do that with my little idea? I’m still in seedling stage!!

    Can’t wait to have the purse here in Austin!!!!

    1. Don’t go pick a new purse! (Well, do that if you want to, I suppose, who am I to tell people not to shop?)

      But sign up for me to send the purse to you! Do a trashy dress-up party!

      Wear the apron! (Not that the apron is trashy, I just think it would be funny with the purse.)

      I’d love for you to do one!!

      I believe I have used up my quota of exclamation points for today, now.

      1. See, I did the ‘read the whole post and then go to the page’ thing, so I wasn’t entirely informed when I left my comment. Now that I have visited the page though, I’m mentally compiling a list of people to invite to my trashy purse party.

  3. So… are we suppose to find out where you are, then slip a brown envelope with the cash and our address under a bathroom stall? Or is there a form to fill out? Or have you clearly explained this but I’m not smart enough to find it/understand?

    The world may never know the answers to all those burning questions.

    But hopefully I’ll figure it out.

    1. Ooh…money for me in brown paper envelops? I can get behind that…

      No forms.

      All purse donations go through the Project: Purse and Boots page on the AHA website. (Links on the FAQ page, and will end up all over emails that you’ll get as your purse party approaches).

      The funds raised AT the party go to the hostess, and she makes the donation on the AHA page (can be done PayPal or credit card).

      Corporate/business sponsors will get email from me with the donation details and pledge totals.

      Which means i have to give up my dreams of having laundered money shoved over to me by someone’s foot in the furthest stall in Red’s Recovery Room, but…oh well…

  4. hmmm…i think I saw this purse elsewhere…and? I WANT THE PURSE! I can show that purse a REAL good time! I have a feather boa and hot shoes! That purse and I? we would do it up right!

    This is a GREAT idea! Send that purse to Sluiter Nation!

  5. I have the perfect outfit to match the purse… Is that bad? My mom too, has had several mini strokes. Although it hasn’t affected her…yet. I would love to host a tacky purse party. It is sooo my kind of gig! Can the purse cross over the border?

    1. I am impressed that you’re admitting on the internet that you have an outfit that matches that purse. You are my new hero!

      And The Purse has international sensibilities, even when earning money for US charities. At least one other lovely lady north of the border is wanting to host The Purse, and my feeling is that recreation needs a broad outreach!

      You’re in, baby!

  6. I would have had that purse filled with pesos last weekend. I’ll do my best with USD when it’s my turn and try to make my pictures family friendly :)

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