The Set Up


You and me. We. Us.

We go back…oh, months now some of us.

So, I think most of you get me.

So it will come as now surprise to you that I am, well, a little overscheduled we’ll say.

Because I’m here with my cape and all.

And my sexy boots.

And my Wonder Woman bracelet.

I take things on. A lot. Often.

Which sounds soooo good at the time, and then ends up with me hiding under a blanket in the dining room.

Which I can’t pretend didn’t happen because there’s photographic evidence.

Which I arranged.

Because, well, I am a nitwit sometimes.

Child C’s birthday party is this weekend. She turns 16 next week.

Which goes up on the unbelievable scale just above Big Foot and The Cabbage Diet.

But, despite our efforts, it is so.

Her party theme choice: The Princess Bride.

If you don’t agree that that is fourteen shades of awesome, well, you and me needs to have a little chat. After class. With a ruler.

So then…there’s this cake.

A rainbow cake.

You might have seen it in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Or on the Martha Stewart Show. Or on Kludgy Mom’s blog where she rocked it.

And I am so not putting any pictures of other peoples’ glorious rainbow cakes up for you to compare mine to later. What am I a nitwit? I mean, ALL THE TIME?

But, I do promise that come Monday morning, a picture of MY attempt at the mesmerizingness that is the seven-layer rainbow cake.

Seven layers.

I have to braise those, right?


    1. It’s sort of the law of diminishing returns. Ambitious-ness is definitely Martha-worthy, but going so overboard you’re hiding under the linens becomes counter-productive. I’m just REALLY bad at seeing where the line is in advance.

  1. “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife.” I love that movie and my kids don’t yet. I want your kids.

    If it’s not shaped like a 9×13 pan, or say Costco I’m sure to be impressed by the rainbow cake.

  2. FANTASTIC movie…and book, for that matter!

    I’m making the rainbow cake for the twins next weekend! We’re having a bday party for all three of the kids (the twins were born 6 days apart from Tater). I thought big rainbow cupcakes would be cool for them. Tater wants a Spiderman cake and I’m not attempting that!

    I don’t know if I’m brave enough to show off my attempt…we’ll see ;)

  3. Can’t wait to see the cake. I had a blast making it. You have gel food coloring for the layers, right? Cuz normal food coloring doesn’t work.

    I heart Princess Bride and can quote most of the movie by heart :)

  4. I want you to make that cake for ME!! And princess bride? wonderful. i had to teach my husband…he had NEVER seen the movie before we were married! WHAT!?! He is fixed now.

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