I am pointing That Way->

Or, maybe this way <-. It’s hard to tell on the interwebs.

There is a lovely post on Purse and Boots today about the warning signs that a reader’s dad ignored that could have led to devastating consequences. I am always so moved when people share their stories with me. They are always so powerful, and so personal.

So please go here to read Aimee’s story.

Also, for those of you who clicked in yesterday because your emails and RSS feeds told you that there was a post here only to find…nothing. My apologies. In the future I will pay more attention between the “preview” and “publish” buttons. In my defense…uh…I really have nothing in my defense. I wasn’t paying enough attention. In my defense, perhaps, was not having chocolate at my immediate disposal which is pretty much my go-to excuse for anything.

That post was the one that ran this morning, The Little Boy Who Waited. That memory was powerful in my mind yesterday, so I thought I would write it.

Also, for those of you who suffered catastrophic mug withdrawals a couple of months ago when there was only one prize for the dramatic Mug Giveaway, there might….there might…be another mug giveaway happening on Purse and Boots next week.

Maybe. If you’re all really good.


  1. ok, I was not around for the mug debacle, BUT now that the word “brawl” has been thrown around in conjunction with said mug? I want one and I WILL take bitches out for one. WHAT?

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