The Par-Tay

Did anyone bring the minutes? What’s on the agenda? Is there any old business? No. Good. I hate old business. New business? Oh yes, there is a bit…

First, thank you to everyone who wished Himself a happy birthday. He loved them all. He thinks it’s amazing that people who read my blog would want to wish him a happy birthday, but I know that I have incredible friends in the blogging world and am not shocked at all that they wish him a happy birthday.

Second, for the last few days I have not responded to comments. I apologize. There was just so darned much to do to get ready for the big 50th soiree. Things are back to normal though.

Lastly, fun stuff coming on Project: Purse and Boots in the next few days. The Write-Up of Sharyn versus the Oakland A’s, a wonderful story about a loving grandma and stroke, and a giveaway! Of a mug! (And most of you know what THAT means…)

But now, some pictures of The Event.

Because Himself was born in 1960, the party was 60’s theme. And where I went “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and Himself went Apollo 11, we were WELL outnumbered by the flower children. Despite the fact that I did NOT have the period kool-aid to offer.

A-line dresses are death on an hourglass figure,  but…I couldn’t help it. I wanted the dress.  And yes, I found an online tutorial on how to do “Holly Golightly” hair. I was not born knowing how to do that.

My sister-in-law and mother – some of the swarm of Flower Power.

The fact that I opted out as Joan from Mad Men didn’t matter. My maid-of-honor at my wedding (who people often mistake for the sister I do not have) filled the niche. And where I spent 45 minutes getting my hair to do that, she spent 4.

I hate her.

I don’t recall any of the astronauts having a mustache, but I wouldn’t have wanted him to shave.

Also, note the short sleeves on the suit. It was so warm, he couldn’t wear the space-suit costume without being miserable. So he cut off the sleeves and the legs. The space-suit was renamed “the space romper.”

Here is Backyard Neighbor. Another member of the Flower contingent.

I inadvertently left my minibroom and dustpan out on the patio and I was bullied into taking a picture as photographic evidence. I tried throwing it under a bush. No go. I invited a lot of mean people to the party.

Himself is in a blues band, and they did a four song set for the party. Child B and my uncle (on sax) sat in for the performance. There’s also a bass player that didn’t make it into the shot. This is a stellar shot of the space-romper.

And finally, here is the birthday man with his requested birthday bread. Which was made by my friend in the hot red dress. Because..I just…I just couldn’t. Make bread for 35 people? *shudder*

I currently stand at –18 Martha Points. I said I thought I’d be fine after the party. Let’s see… what all did I do…

  • Planted plants
  • Painted chairs
  • Refinished a table
  • Hung lanterns
  • Strung shade fabric
  • Made Apollo Mission and NASA badges
  • Made PW’s mac and cheese, two different versions
  • Made pulled pork and meatballs for sandwiches
  • Made cole slaw for 35
  • Made sangria
  • Teased my hair beyond anything that could be considered healthy
  • Donned false eyelashes
  • Made a cigarette holder out of a dowel and origami paper
  • I tried to paint the house (more on that later) but had the wrong color paint.
  • Used every dish I’ve ever owned
  • Shopped for the perfect 60’s era dress

All in the name of how much I love my husband and how much I wanted his birthday to be wonderful.

The scale maxes out at 50 points.

Current score: –18 Points

Party score: +68 points

New total: +50 Martha Points

Leaving the damned mini broom on the patio: -2 points.

Revised total: +48 Points

So close.


  1. You look FABULOUS! I love all the details for the party. Himself’s romper is hilarious in the shot of the band. But I understand the need to sacrifice looks for comfort. I’m all about comfort. And being able to get ready in five minutes instead of an hour. Great job on the points, lady!

    1. He had it on for all of 10 minutes before he was way too miserable.

      Also, the comfy slippers in place of space shoes I thought was particularly brilliant and enhanced the costume no end.

    2. It was either convert my spacesuit to a space romper, or give up on the costume. I didn’t want to be a party pooper, especially after all the amazing effort that Lori invested into making it the most wonderful b-day party I could have hoped for, not to mention her awesomely sexy costume.

  2. I love theme parties and it looks like everyone got in the spirit of things. I think before and after photos of the hair teasing would have been fun.

    Have you ever seen himself without a mustache?

    1. At the point where I unclipped that bun and my hair stuck straight up, Himself threatened to get the camera out.

      So after and really-after would have been even better.

    1. I wish you were my neighbor too. That’d be brilliant!

      I could host fun parties with cocktails and sangria, and you could help me un-do the damage I do to my hair!

      It would be PERFECT!

    1. I do not think I could in good conscience let anyone I like or care for do what I did to my hair to their own hair.

      Friends don’t let friends tease.

      And didn’t she look great!

    1. The dress was a major Marshall’s score – $29! (which was about all I was willing to pay for a costume dress.)

      But I will not be caught dead EVER wearing the same thing in a room as you.

      Talk about giving me a complex.


  3. I LOVE the picture! HAHAHA! Now we’ve both donned black dresses for your blog! i looked WAY more ridiculous, though.

    I’m a huge Mad Men fan, so I give props to your MOH.

      1. And thank you so very much, BN and family, for coming to my party – in full 60’s regalia – to help me celebrate. And thanks for the bottle of my absolutely FAVORITE Zinfandel!

  4. The pics & story telling we fab as always!
    Someday I would sure love to party with you (though I think I may be way to shy for your crowd).

    Many hugs,

  5. You are gorgeous.

    And you throw an awesome party.

    And your husband is all kinds of cute and adorable.

    If I didn’t love you so much, I would be all annoyed and jealous.

    OK, maybe a teeny bit jealous.


  6. This looked like a kick-ass party. Loved that you dressed as Holly Golightly. Love even more that you said Space Romper. And a blues band too??? Awesome. Did they play “Moon River?”
    Happy b-day to the mustachioed moon-walker.

    1. It did not even occur to me to insist that the blues band play “Moon River,” which is okay, because I was traumatized by singing it in the high school choir.

      And space-romber may live in the family lexicon for some time.

  7. You rocked that dress, my dear! And I love that you made a cigarette holder out of a dowel and origami paper. I always wonder what to do with all that leftover origami paper that litters my house. Looks like a fun party!

    1. People just don’t appreciate the varying uses of origami paper!

      And it was a total blast. I needed two days to recover.

      Hostessing is tiring work.

  8. Dude, I am in love with this idea, and more importantly, that totally awesome costume. You are the height of fancy shmancy style. You rocked it. (wearing that for Halloween too, might I ask?)

  9. Seethingly jealous of your expert execution of the Holly hair. I tried this once, with disasterous outcomes.

    Looks like a rockin bash and well done on the space romper.

    And really – doesn’t getting your husband to admit to wearign something called a romper qualify you for the extra two points?

    Just sayin.

    – B x

    1. It helped that I read two or three online tutorials. But the big question, of course, is why the frak did anyone think to do that to their hair in the first bloody place??

      And Himself saw the picture of the band later and then he really appreciated how ridiculous he looked in the space romper. And with the slippers? Yes, a nummy treat.

  10. What an awesome party! And you all look so great! I am very impressed!
    I think you deserve points for taking a photo of the mini-broom…points for honesty and confession.
    Happy Belated to the hubby even though he doesn’t even know who the heck I am.

    1. Well, I am certainly a luck woman. But he thinks himself lucky too, so it all works out in the end.

      And…it was lots of fun. Even the ridiculously dorky space-romper.

  11. This looked like so much fun! Wish I could have come, but my invitation was lost in the mail. Don’t worry I’ll make it next year. Just please promise me it won’t be an eighties party. I just can’t go through it twice.

  12. Love the hair and that dress! And love that you figured out how to do it by watching an online tutorial. Ah, the age we live in. ;) [Now my comment’s in the right place! LOL]

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