Important Things

Yes, yes. Not to be missed things.

1. Have you entered to win the Mug yet? You have one more day. ONE. Support stroke prevention, win a mug. What on earth could be better? Go here. Leave a comment. Yes, it’s JUST that easy.

2. The amazing Katie at Sluiter Nation courageously …er…generously asked me to guest post there today about experiences with my kids and school. So I wrote a piece about the desperateness of communication with your school-aged child. Go here.

3. Pursey Galore made another stop this weekend – Philadelphia. And the pressing question now is, is Megan of Best of Fates really a spy. Is she? You tell me. Go here.

4. This week on IPoMP, “Ask Not Martha.” Ask me your pressing “How many points do I get/lose for that?” questions. I do this as a public service because I am just that enchanted by the sound of my own voice. I mean… selfless. You don’t actually have to go anywhere for that. You can leave those questions here.

I’m realizing that much of what I have you doing requires you to go away. So, go away. But come back, okay? Otherwise I’ll be darned lonely.


  1. Lori- read your guest post. Excellent advice as always. You give me hope. That my child will always, in fact, be wearing pants to school. Thank you for that.
    My “points” question is…
    do I, in fact, earn points or lose points for the following scenario:
    I sold a purse on-line after fully recognizing the need to purge my closet and “get back to the basics” with my accessories…
    I promptly purchased a new purse on-line after realizing there is now a space open for a new beauty in my closet.
    When deciding my fate, please take into consideration my maturity in recognizing that I was no longer in need of the “extras.” Please leave the new purse out of the equation.

  2. Look at all of this stuff I have to go check out now! I’m such a slacker and haven’t been visiting blogs since last week. I can’t believe I’m just now going to get it on the next mug brawl, ahem, I mean contest!

  3. Great guest post. I’ve got to wait a couple of more years to see if my son “heard” anything I’ve been saying. So, let’s see about a “how many points” question: How many points do you gain or lose if you take 2 months to complete a sunroom that should’ve taken 2 days but it turns out awesome (in my opinion)? How many points gained or lost if you somehow manage to get your husband to both do the week’s grocery shopping and cook the meals most of this week? Do you lose wife/mother cred for that one?

  4. OK, so I’m pretty sure most of the things in MY life are “points deducted immediately” things….so I am off to enter for the mug. In case I forgot. Because of reasons that Natalie mentioned, too many Back-to-School nights, a few glasses of wine and (oh yeah) I cleaned bathrooms today.

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