1. Why’d we come back? The sad lack of independently-wealthiness.

      Tragic, is it not?

      And Himself actually took that last picture.

      Priceless it is. You’re very welcome to lift if you like. Sans $10. Or tell me and I’ll send you the full sized file.

  1. So beautiful. I love Carmel. This is the view I remember while I pumped my breastmilk powered by the cigarette lighter of a lamborghini. Don’t worry, it wasn’t stolen.

    1. Photography is very new to me, but I’m loving it.

      A few of those were Himself’s though. I must give credit where credit is due.

      I hate when I’m noble.

    1. The gull picture was actually taken by Himself. I don’t get to claim that one. He’s better at the “take a 1000 shots to get one good one” thing than I am.

  2. Oh how I miss Carmel! I knew that was exactly where you had been as soon as I started clicking through.

    I have to find a way to get done there again (really, its less than 2 hours away!) and WITHOUT the buzz kill husband. Did I just say that?

    What say you we put together a posse of NorCal bloggers for a weekend getaway?

  3. Look at you rockin that camera. The bird photo…wow! I know, I know, Himself took it. Still so many great ones, I could hear the water fountain and loved the little metal bug guy. Looked like a lovely place to visit. I now want to go on vacation without my kids. Tell how amazing it was and that I should. I will listen to you.

    1. The photography thing is turning out pretty fun.

      Helps to have the swanky camera, though.

      And I only decided to go there because it was far enough away to FEEL like away, but still drivable. I’d never had a particularly brilliant time the few day trips I took.

      THIS time we had a fabulous time, though.

  4. Great , wonderful pictures. Especially the seagull (I know, Himself). I love Carmel, but somehow I never get the Geek to go there and spend a few days. Grrr. You need to come over and use all your persuasiveness. I buy the wine. Lots of.

  5. Your photos are simply stunning, Lori.

    But I’m not convinced that the same person who brought her flash-less iPhone camera to a bar…at night…when she met Her Bad Mother…could take these gorgeous photos.

    Just sayin’.

    1. I was never actually tempted to eat one. They were too much like works of art.

      And I don’t think anyone else did either – heaven only knows how long they were in that window. ;)

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