Not Taking this Lying Down

Because if I do, a pumpkin might fall on my head.

So I have this…

Which serves the two-fold purpose of Halloweening up our house and irritating the cats.

And then we have this…

A little fruit salad, anyone?

And then there’s this…

Because no house is complete without a light-up pumpkin totem.

Pumpkins on the roof? Just damned showy.

Compensating. Clearly compensating.


  1. I would say that you win because you’ve got a little anti-cliche with the decorations. Pumpkins? That’s thinking small.

    Bones in the salad bowl? Clearly that’s outside the box. Nice job, you.

    (How many MP do you lose if you “forget” to dig out Halloween decor all together and just let the any organically grown cobwebs do the heavy Halloween lifting? Not that I’ll do that….just asking as a point of reference.)

    1. I do have some pumpkins outside, but really INTERESTING pumpkins in an ARTFUL arrangement.

      And I celebrate cobwebs as a design feature. Sometimes it’s the only thing I’ve got going for me.

  2. I love the pumpkin totem. It is much more fancy to decorate with pumpkins vertically than it is to line them up in a boring row horizontally.

    The owl is just plain awesome!

  3. now I want to go buy all new halloween decorations. yours are awesome and mine just seem meh now! and I’m totally counting the organic spider webs as decorating as well.

    1. I believe that was a Target find.

      I’m pretty good about hitting up the after season sales and then packing things away.

      Then there’s all this fun next year because what’s in the box is a surprise.

  4. Love all of it! They’re all great and I would have all those things as house decorations 24/7 because I’m a bit like Morticia Addams ha ha.

    The pumpkin totem kicks ass. Who wants stupid little pumpkins on the roof when you can have that totem instead?

    1. Ooooh…I love Morticia. She’s one of my heroes.

      And yes, I’m going with my wee plastic pumpkin totem being WAY more interesting than a roof full of pumpkins.

  5. Glad to see you took the less showy route. Totally grossed out by the salad tongs. Love the owl. Halloween is generally ignored by me, as I hate scary. Pumpkins are bought though. The most beautiful pumpkins I have ever seen. It seems I’ve decided to just sit down for a chat in your comments box. How are things?

    1. Hello lovely woman!

      Things are fine, except for the inferiority issues I’ma having or failing to have pumpkins on my roof.

      And…ummm…there are some oogier pictures to come, so, promise you won’t get a case of the willies or anything.

      But there are non-oogie ones too. Promise.

      How have you been?

  6. That owl is truly creepy.

    We made pumpkin totems one year…yep, the real thing! Actually it wasn’t any harder than carving pumpkins is. But of course carving pumpkins seems to be one of those activities that we pretend is fun and easy just for the sake of the kids ;) .

    1. I love jack-o-lanterns, but really…I don’t develop the proper amnesia. Because I really truly remember how damned hard it is to empty and then carve a pumpkin.

      Which is why I’ve been investing in the plastic, light-up jobbies.

    1. Ooohh…I LOVE when I get to be the Halloween goddess!

      I even have the perfect costume.

      I was Athena last year.

      I think…who hangs out with Hermes? Himself had wings on his shoes, so he was easier to identify than me. I could have been Goddess Number 3 for all anyone knew.

  7. Looks like someone is excited about Halloween, with all the goods in place already.

    Last year, my wife dressed up as a witch. She had dry ice out for the fog effect, spider webs, and the spooky music. The kids were all talking about her.

    I told them she wasn’t dressed up, and it’s like this year round.

    They just looked at me.

    1. Oh, that’s brilliant! I love that sort of stuff!

      When Husband 1.0 and I bought our house, we went crazy with the haunted stuff that Halloween.

      The previous owners, who hadn’t moved very far – just into a larger place – were in the neighborhood trick-or-treating.

      So….the little girls got to learn the hard way that monsters and dead people had moved into their old house.

      I could NOT convince them of otherwise.

      But it was an accident!

    1. No…those is all bought pumpkins.

      I think even mostly, Target bought pumpkins.

      And you know what *I* really want? One of the “Dead and Breakfast” signs.

      Probably not this year, though.


  8. Pumpkins-on-the-roof woman has nothing on pumpkin-totem-pole. That’s cool.

    I would love to have those creepy birds perched high, freaking out the dog. And can you use those skeleton arms to serve salad? I’m just thinking of alternate uses…..

    1. Those skeleton hands are, in fact, a set of salad tongs.

      Because no Halloween house is complete with out skeleton hand salad tongs.

      I think they’re going to catch on as gifts.

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