New Model Wanted

For Sale:

One XX-chromosome-series parental unit, well-used.

Only one previous owner. Maintenance includes removal of one defective appendix, repair of fractured left front axle and timing belt adjustment. Unit has received several color updates over the years with tints and UV protection products – original color is now undeterminable.

Unit has several current repair needs, including alignment of chassis, removal of excess ballast from trunk, and correction of distortion of visual field through front windshield. Unit also carries some excess emotional baggage, so careful handling is needed in extreme conditions. Sharp turns in particular need careful navigating as unit is prone to breakdowns if steered too forcefully.

Unit has given reliable performance in its 43-year road history. Unit has only rarely required multi-day stays in repair facilities, and records will show that one of those episodes was due not to breakage, but fragile cargo delivery. Unit has shown good traction over challenging terrains including tumultuous adolescence, the fog of new parenthood, steep career tracks, international relocation conditions, matrimonial breakdown and rocky household renovation.

Current owner is looking for trade-in unit that offers better fuel efficiency and more streamlined aerodynamics. Quality shock absorbers are a must, but owner is flexible about media devices and interior. Current owner anticipates power surges in the climate control feature in 10-12 road years, so state-of-the-art air conditioning is also required.

Please contact owner via blog or email for a test drive or additional use-history, which can be provided in nauseatingly copious detail.

Media Alerts:

I’m proud to be guest posting today as part of Kludgy Mom’s fantastic, “Back To School, Back To Blogging!” challenge, so feel free to head over there to read about blogging for a cause.

AND speaking of blogging for a cause, Pursey Galore made the news in Memphis this weekend, thanks to Liz at A Belle, A Bean and A Chicago Dog. Go give a read read!


  1. My model needs a complete overhaul. Thank goodness the other “parental unit” likes used vintage classics instead of sleek new models or we’d be driving down different roads.

  2. Remember Cash for Clunkers? Well, maybe they were onto something….

    I love this, by the way….but it is making me realize how many of my parts should be replaced with after-market versions, since the original versions aren’t holding up so well.

    I’ll never look at the auto ads the same way again!

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