I am tired.

I have been tired for several days.

With many things happening, responding to comments has been difficult. Please forgive me.

If you read yesterday’s second post, you understand.

If you left a comment, thank you. And every one of you who said that bold underwear was working its way into your lacy unmentionables arsenal, or being gifted to a friend for her own arsenal, you made me cry in gratitude for the gift that was Kay.

If you have not read yet, please do.

And if you read, leave a comment. I will be printing them for Kay’s daughters.

I am not replying to those comments because I don’t want your loving words diluted by my responses.

And if you have a red underwear story – even if it has nothing to do with actual red underwear – I would love for you to share it there.

Love to you all in ways I cannot adequately express.

And grateful thanks, in quantities much too large to fit in so small a word.


  1. I am so, so sorry for your loss, Lori. Kay sounded like an amazing woman. I don’t own a pair of red underwear and maybe that explains a great many things. This past week, I have more stories of cancer than in my entire life. Several people in my life and then others in different circles, but still, it affects me. I am grateful for my and my family’s health each and every day.

    Take time to mourn and remember.

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