Kazoos for Kay

There was a room full of love and celebration, and also of deep sadness, but with constant reminders that a woman who was no longer with us lived a life of great joy, passion and accomplishment.

Kay had a deep love of music and a phenomenal sense of humor and the ridiculous. So one of the things we chose to do at her service was a kazoo sing-a-long to an old-time folk tune of which she was particularly fond. (Yes, I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.)

Clicking the image will take you to a YouTube video of the people gathered to celebrate Kay’s life, giving voice to their love of her….on kazoos.

The video is about five minutes long, but I won’t be bothered if you fast-forward to the kazoo part (plus, like I’m gonna know?) And as an extra bonus, you get to hear me talk. Cause I know you’ve all been dying for that.

Thank you to all who shared support, comfort, thoughts of love for Kay and Sarah and their family, who joked with me on twitter when I couldn’t find the damned kazoos, who checked in, who shared Kay’s story, who bought red underwear.


  1. Watched every minute of it and it was nice to see smiles and hear laughter in celebration of a life. That’s the way it should be. I’ve heard that song before. I can’t remember where or why but sometime in my childhood I heard that song. It was very familiar.

    1. There was lots of laughing, there was also lots of kazoo dropping, but, oh well. : )

      And it’s an old old song…I felt like I sort of knew it even before we sang it for the first time way way back when.

  2. I watched the entire thing. It was lovely and very touching. I’m sure Kay was smiling. Uplifting song as well, I’ve heard it before I think.

    1. I hope she was smiling.

      There was a fair amount of music during the celebration. I think she would have like it.

      Then again, I think really she would have liked to BE there…but, you know, Kay could only do so much. ;)

    1. On the one hand, it felt a little odd to videorecord a memorial service, but then Sarah and her sister really wanted to have everyone’s remembrances recorded, and the music for Kay recorded to.

      And this way, even more people get to share in the celebration that was Kay.

      Which is simply a really good thing.

  3. It was so nice to see/hear you Lori along with the Mr. playing the guitar. Golden Slippers sounded great, especially with your harmonies. I’m sure Kay was pleased. The girls heard the video in the background and recognized the song as one we heard two street performers sing during our visit to “Old Quebec.” A lovely tribute.

    1. Sarah, her sister and I also did “Amazing Grace” in three part harmony. Which we managed to do without crying!

      Harmony has always been a big part of our singing together.

    1. Didn’t even think about that till it was way too late to do anything about it, and I got a bit worn out on the editing.

      So…yes, the secret’s out!

      But only if you watch the video.

  4. Thankfully the backwards Kazoos were enough distraction to keep me from getting too choked up. That is how I want to go out and I hope that I make enough connections in my life and my loved ones know me well enough to mourn me in such a fantastic way. I loved listening to you Lori, you are just as dynamic speaking as you are writing.

    1. I know…what was up with the backwards kazoos? Also, I thought it amusing when I saw on the video that people were looking intently at the lyrics during the kazoo verse.


      But it just all adds to the charm and humor.

  5. I haven’t seen the video ywt but wanted to say that this is exactly how I’d like to sail through the pearly gates. Wearing red and maybe brushing off confetti from the party.

  6. This was beyond wonderful. BEYOND. I loved the shots of all the people and how much fun they were having with the kazoos. What am amazing moment for you, for her family and for everyone that was there. Thank you so much for sharing.

    p.s. now I know where they got the jingle for “golden grahams.” ;)

  7. I did not expect to be so moved by the video (I almost never watch videos, either…), but it made me teary. From the harmony; to the serious, conservative-looking older folk kazooing; to the intent lyric reading during the kazooing…it just made me all mushy.

    What a beautiful service. How awesome that such a difficult time could still be such a celebration. :)

    ps – I think I know who the floutist was in the family band…LoL

  8. Lori, I love this. I didn’t comment the first time I watched it….so I came back today and watched again. I love it when people can celebrate someone they loved in a way that person would have loved had they been there. I think this was it.
    Perfect. Sending you a hug, my dear. Maybe soon I can give you one in person.

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