So we all remember that in the absence of energy, interest, initiative or accomplishment, that I am awarding myself points for improving the quantity (if not the quality) of other people’s blogs, right?

Of course we do.

You all are sometimes better at remembering my schedule than I am. I just need to figure out a way to fit you all into my purse.

So today is the third time I have deluded people into posting been invited to share words I’ve written.

So I invite you all over to From Tracie. This is an incredible blog, written by a woman who is a passionate advocate for survivors of childhood abuse. She has amazed and humbled me with her strength and her commitment, while maintaining a sense of humor and joy in life that is near miraculous.

So go visit me there today. I’m discussing the travesty of justice that is me somehow not being famous yet.

Because there may be no greater tragedy facing mankind right now.

And….+5 more Martha Points for me!

Bringing my new total to: +8



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