A Major Award

I may not win the major award cause I’m up against a really cute kid.

Cute kids always win in holiday competition. I believe that is article 9 of the Constitution.

But I couldn’t resist.

KLZ asked for antlered photos.

The best photo gets a prize.

I think being willing to take a picture of myself sans cosmetics and avec unwashed hair should at least win me the “Bravest Person on the Internet” award.

But like I said. Cute kid. Working mom with divots on her nose from her glasses.

You do the math.

But here goes.

I’m SURE I get on someone’s nice list, right?


  1. I saw a pair of those antlers, except they had red flashing lights on them, at Wal Mart. Now I kinda wish I’d bought them, instead of just laughing hysterically and staggering away.

    1. I bought antlers like that once for a work gift exchange, the kind where you can steal?

      The got stolen FOUR TIMES.

      We finally put a limit on it.

      I sorta wish I’d bought myself a pair.

  2. You look a little mischievous with only one eye really showing. This is how I imagine you when you see the neighborfreakingholidaydecorlady’s house…keeping an eye on her.

  3. I love this Mystery Lady of the Antlers look. Although this would be the last thing neighbor-with-lit-snowmen might see before she meets her untimely demise.

    Or at least outside her dining room window.

    And cute kids are overrated anyway. You got the antler thing down pat, babe!

  4. ack! major award! we say that all the time around our house…but we have yet to get a leg lamp marked FRAGILE (it’s french).

    and? you are totally cute in your antlers. totally.

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