Antlers All Around


Since I’ve got zero chance to win the Antler Competition (despite the UNCOMMON BRAVERY involved in the au natural photo) on my own – what with the cute kids doing their sneaky cute kid thing – I have a back up strategy.

That’s right.


It seems worth noting here that Nimbus is often my back-up strategy.

When you’ve got a force like Nimbus around, it really pays to make use of him.

In the spring I plan on renting him to the Department of Energy at Stanford for experiments in hyperkinetic energy and atomic fusion.

Hey, if they can figure out how to hook a cat up to a linear particle accelerator,  more power to ’em.

So, at great risk to life and limb, Himself and I engaged in an Antlered Nimbus Photo Shoot.

There was a strategic miscalculation.

Nimbus’ head is substantially smaller than our heads.

The antlers don’t really fit around his head.

But you know where they do fit?

Around his massive tuckus.

I think this shot will make next year’s Christmas Card.


  1. Awe! I’m a little disapointed that the antlers didn’t fit the mighty head of Nimbus.(couldn’t figure out if it was Nimbus’ or Nimbus’s,sorry) And this is because they totally bring out the green in his eyes! That cat could be a cat model- seriously. However, the antlered truckess cards? Love it.

    1. They didn’t fit his head at all!

      Which was sort of enlightening because in our minds his head is MASSIVE.

      Also, I couldn’t hold them too far forward or the jingle bells would distract him and I didn’t want “fighting the jingle-bells claw-kitty” on my LAP.

    1. It turned out to be less hazardous than we thought.

      Unless I put the antlers in FRONT of him, he just laid there. Like a lump of bread dough.

      Sometimes he’s a big faker.

  2. You forgot to mention the blatant favoritism.

    I do love a decorated cat! There’s something about the cheery decorations contrasting with the look of plotting your doom that gets me every time.

  3. He is magnificent. You must be quick with the camera button, because if I put antlers on any of my cats’ rear ends, those things would’ve been shredded seconds later. I’m glad you didn’t end up in the ER ;)

    1. He just laid there!

      Like a sausage! Like a loaf of bread!

      This is the cat that put claw marks IN THE FINISH OF MY CAR.

      He’s messing with us.

      I can tell.

  4. I better not show this picture to Craig or he will end up in your bushes in a ninja outfit trying to retrieve Nimbus. He has a thing for dressed up and talking cats. However, my money is on Nimbus.

    1. Nimbus is an attention whore.

      If Craig made fawning compliment noises and scratched his head, he’d leave us in a second. Especially if there was food.

      But given his bipolar nature, I still recommend protective gear.

    1. Ok, Himself says “tuchus” is the correct spelling. (So I got it wrong no matter WHO I talk to.)

      And I’m not getting between two Jewish people, cause that’s at least three opinions .

      I think you two will need to debate it over beer.

    1. Nimbus is a neutered male, and an indoor cat.

      Which makes life hard on us since he has not yet acknowledged his neutered status (it’s only been 2.5 years, after all) and he is THE most hyper-psycho-de-testicled cat ever in the history of cats.

      Which means he turns into tasmanian devil several times a day, and we get to enjoy the glory of that indoors.

      But the local bird/cat/raccoon/skunk/mountain lion population would not survive him being outdoors.

      So we get to keep him ALL to ourselves.




  5. If chickens could clap, Nimbus’s antlered butt would get a standing O from Mother Hen. Absolutely brilliant, and by brilliant she means hilarious and by hilarious she means eggnog came out her beak when she cackled!

  6. While Nimbus looks pretty pissed off to be wearing the antlers, he is none the wiser when he wears them on his behind. I think you scored! Nobody else has a cat-wearing-antlers-on-his-butt pic.

    But I loved your original one, too. And I’ve been too lazy to hunt down the antlers at the store, so I’m out.

    Unless I can crochet some tonight.

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