1. Lovin the photos!! So pretty. So…what kind of DSLR are you using? I am thinking I am headed off to Costco tomorrow to get the Canon Rebel T1i bundle.

  2. Your dessert looked delectable, you tree was obviously way WAY superior to mine, your kitty is adorable, and you looked kinda tired and pissed sitting behind the table with the dessert. Were you waiting for everyone else to get their butts over there so you could dig in? Because I think I had that look on my face when the desserts were on the table, but the people were scattered hither and yon.

    1. LOL… I am only very tired. I think I’d even had dessert by then. Plus, Himself stole the camera from me with my shiny new lens. I was none too pleased!

  3. Beautiful shots, Lori! What kind of lens did Santa bring you?

    I love all the bokeh pix.

    And yes, I HAVE been keeping up with PW’s photo contest this week! : )

    1. Santa brought me a Nikkor 35mm f 1.8. It has a pinpoint focus and the bokeh is INCREDIBLE. I seriously love. And I submit a photo to the competition. I’ve actully submit to four or five of them to various challenges. Which, to date, has been an exercise in clicking. But maybe someday!

  4. oooo new lens pics! I can’t wait to have more time to play with mine. Gram wants me to take some shots of the funeral this week. not the service, just some stills to remember the weather, flowers, church, etc. so i am getting their early to fill up my memory card.

    1. We took photos and videos of Kay’s service. Mostly because they did a part where people shared remembrances, and they wanted those recorded.

      Turned out to be a really nice thing.

      So sorry about Grandpa, dear one. Hope you all are holding up ok.

    1. I am fourteen shades of green here.

      I totally am.

      A new TOILET???

      You…you…I hate you!


      Umm…I hope it’s everything you imagined it would be??

  5. SO pretty!

    (I am very jealous of photographically talented.)

    My favorite one? The desserts. Mmmm…. “Martha Stewart Living” couldn’t do it better,

    1. I’m telling on my mom.

      Totally a store bought cake.

      But…way tasty!

      Or maybe I’m telling on my brother and SIL.

      But, since they made a pie from scratch and made gingerbread, they’re totally off the hook for a home made black forest cake,

      NOT to be confused with a black-forest ham.

  6. Lori, your pictures make me want to learn how to really take pictures…they’re stunning!

    The picture of you says it all. You look the way I still feel….TIRED!

    1. I use a Nikon D3000.

      Which was a bit of an investment (not crazy, but we saved for a couple months for it.)

      Nice photography equipment is addicting though.

      My Backyard Neighbor just got an amazing new camera body for her Canon, and I feel a little ridiculous that less than six months after getting this camera I’m already thinking about upgrades.

      But it’s still awesome and I LOVE it!

  7. Lori, these are awesome! Of course stupid me read the next post first….sometimes? I do things out of order.

    This is such a great representation of your holidays, and I love the pic of you…tired, but you look content.

    Happy, Happy to you!

  8. OK. Forget what I said about converting to Judaism. Then you wouldn’t have these awesome photos of Christmas to share. Unless you’re like my uncle, who is a lighting designer in Hollywood and decorates his house every year just because. So, in conclusion, do not convert to Judaism unless you’re my uncle.

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