Post-It Note Tuesday For the Desperately UnderAchieving

It’s still Tuesday in most of the United States.

It’s especially still Tuesday Hawaii.

So there’s this post-it note thing. It looks really fun.

I can’t do it.

I can’t run the script on WP.COM.

Yes, I’m still at WP.COM (Shut up! I’m working on it!)

So, I can’t run the script.

I also can’t do blog-hops.

And I also start a fire by rubbing two dried clichés together.

I hate being left out.

Watching all the other bloggers say funny things on digital post-it notes.

Bonding over virtual gentle stickiness and humorlettes.

While I sit here, scriptless.


You can COUNT on that!

So here is my TOTALLY NOT LAME and CREATIVELY CHARMING low-tech solution to what will herefore on be known as “The Post-It Dilemma.”

With any luck, we'll always know where one is and keep it out of the sink.


Yes, my cats can TOTALLY read. I found Topaz with “War and Peace.”
This may be grounds for divorce.
Where the hell was I thinking to shop?
He’s apparently hoping to be spotted by the neighbors.

Ha! See? I can play too! I can!

You know what else I have?

A Barbie mansion made out of Lunchables wrappers.

And you wondered why I’m so popular.


  1. So, I’m kind of glad you ARE at, so you could post this. Hilarious.

    Also? The fact that your cats read Tolstoy but cannot spell “food” right is irony that did not go unnoticed.

  2. Yep. I fall more in love with you every day. LOL The fact that I found your blog through a post about red underwear (and I have shared that post exponentially by the way, it truly touched my heart) and have hung around due to your huge heart and even more amazing sense of humor…yeah. I look forward to your posts every single day. :)

    And for the record, I prefer your post-its to just about any other.

  3. It IS very creative, and hardly low-tech considering there’s a digital camera, a computer, and the movement of images between the two involved!

    Sheesh, I’d have to say that your interpretation of this post-it meme is MORE advanced than running the script would be.

    So there!

  4. I thought it said beack stockings. What the heck are beack stockings? And why would you use them with rope & WD-40?

    Sounds kind of kinky.

  5. That poor cat…

    My father used to leave post-it notes all over the house for me. They all said different things but they could all roughly be translated into, “I hate you, son.”

  6. You rock the post it note meme Lori. It was like a “reality” post it note “show.” I’m hooked. What kind of stockings are you buying? Couldn’t quite read that one, and now I’ll lay asleep tonight trying to figure it out. Damn. I hate when that happens.

  7. See, you can do post-it notes! And a lovely job you did.
    My cats are now searching to see if I have any so they can make their own requests/demands.

    I don’t even know if I can do the fake ones on my blog. And if I have the option? I don’t have a clue how to make it happen. I’m so tech disabled.

  8. Lori, I think you might be onto something with this.

    I think your low-tech post-its are very cool. Very.

    And? Best. Shopping. List. Ever.

    Makes me want to write a story… Hmmm….

  9. ingenious! I can totally relate to the lost phones. We have, or I should say, possess, 4, and are usually lucky to find 1. And it’s usually dead because nobody put it on the charger.

  10. Personally? I think the “low tech” post-it post? Is so much cooler than the scripty one.

    2 things.

    1. Your shopping list? Tells me you & Himself have a fun evening planned…altho I wonder about the parmesan cheese. That’s a little weird.

    2. Nimbus has very attractive fur. Also? His Post-it reminds me of a Far Side cartoon in which the household dogs were trying to lure the cats into the dryer with promises of “cat fud.”

    I guess that’s 3 things. But I’m in marketing. I don’t need to know how to count.

  11. score for…this was great! I think they should demand all other post-it posts use real post it’s too! Love it and you might need to send the cat back to school so he can work on his spelling :)

  12. dude. this low-tech post it note thing is WAY cooler than the script…however…the caveat is that it is MUCH more work.

    I will stick to not doing it at all. but I expect to see you do this every tuesday.

  13. Yes, your post-it post is way cool!!
    And if this comment box could handle a .jpg photo you would be getting a post-it reply. I am just a little addicted to sticky notes.

  14. Can I just tell you that I could not be happier that our Internet is working again for the sole reason that I got to read this and laugh today? I LOVE your ingenuity. I, too, have lame blogging abilities (Blogger). This is WAY cooler. But what the hell are “beack stockings”?

  15. You are adorable! lol I’m on too. I made a deal with myself that I had to still love bloggy after one year before I committed to anything else.
    And I was just wondering…Rope AND black stockings? What’s that about?

  16. So the ONE good thing about still being on Blogger is that I can do the Post-it Note Tuesday?

    I like yours because I believe they are real. Especially the shopping list, about which I have to agree with KLZ. And will you WEAR the stockings or use them for tying up pumpkin lady?

  17. I SO want to come play in your Barbie mansion made out of Lunchables wrappers. Also, one of my girlfriends used to own a lingerie store where you could have purchased everything on your Post-It shopping list, plus gotten yourself some penis-shaped pasta for dinner. Can’t imagine why she didn’t stay in business…

  18. Actually….I kind of love that you did your post-its like this.

    Also, rope and black stockings on the same shopping list made my mind go all sorts of naughty places.

  19. and “mandolin” is code for what??

    I loved this.

    I agree with the others.

    Post It Note Tuesday for the impaired.

    I love it.

    Link me up b/c this? This I can do.

    And hurrah! for that. (doesn’t happen often)

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