3, 2, 1…Liftoff!

We are taking a break from the humor today…a break from the flambeed mice and the flying cats and the children being bartered for a robust, woolly goat.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever had that feeling that you were supposed to do something, only you couldn’t figure how to do it? Or you thought you were supposed to do one thing but something kept tugging you starboard-wise and you ended up in a different place than you meant to go? But it’s all okay because something seems like it fits, plus all your friends are there and they laugh at your jokes about oversized brassieres and think your stick figures are ALLCAPSAWESOME??  (Thanks, Liz! Totally stealing that!)

And if you haven’t ever had that feeling, could you play along for a few minutes to keep me from being flagged by Google’s Doofus Ranking?

Thanks, love ya’ bunches!

After talking with some people, and talking with more people, and hemming and hawing (I know how to hem, sort of, but how the hell do you “haw” really?) and having the support and encouragement of the most awesome husband in the history of tacky bride and groom figurines, I have a new project.

In Pursuit of Martha Points is proud to present:

Your Child Talking

Your Child Talking is a language development resource website for parents.

Cause, well there’s that whole being a speech therapist thing.

But rather than give you a big spiel about it here, would you mind clicking over there and having a look around? There’s multi-media entertainment for your viewing pleasure!

This was the reason I had to trim some things off my plate. So I hope you like the site, and I hope you think it’s worth it.

But here’s the real and honest truth – if it weren’t for you all, I never would have figured out how to do this.

So if I screw something up, I am SO gonna kick some heiney over here.


  1. It looks great Lori. I didn’t know you were a Nanny? So this is a free service you will provide for people who want to skype? Just a wonderful addition to the blog world. Are you sure you sleep?

  2. Oh Lori the Great, Ninja Lori, Lori the Conquerer, Amazeballs Lori, Incredible Lori, My Friend Lori. This would have been perfect for me when I was so worried about Hank a year ago.


    Good for you for going for it! And of course, this is something that’s near and dear to my heart!!

    Love ya Lori! And I’m so proud of you!!

  4. I checked it all out! Congrats – great site and I’m sure you will provide helpful information to lots of people. I know there are a lot of “is this normal” questions out there and it’s great to have a place to go! And a place to recommend. Thanks Lori!

  5. Way to go, Lori! I think what you’re doing is awesome, however, do we REALLY want the kids to learn how to talk? I curse the ability every time I’ve heard “Quiiiiiiiiiit, Cooooooodyyyyyyyy!” being screamed from the backseat!


  6. Perfect!

    Already checked out the site, and sent out a big ol’ facecrack and twitter bulletin.

    After all, I know LOADS of parents and kids.

    Wishing you nothing but success, fame, a guest spot on Oprah’s new network and your own diamond-pooping sparkly unicorn!

  7. Remember years ago when you got your Master’s Degree and wanted to specialize in pediatric speech therapy?
    The long and winding road….

    As always, I’m bursting with pride!

  8. Lori, I CAN NOT tell you how much this means to me, and how much I LOVE THIS, I have 2 boys 3 &2 who both have speech difficulities.

    Amazing. I love it, I’m on my way now!

  9. Lori! This is sooooo awesome!

    I’m sending the link to my sister right now – she really needs it.

    Yay! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to follow you along … both places.

    Con-freaking-gratulations. To the max.

  10. Lori, I’m thrilled for you.

    Treble yay to fiesty, industrious, resourceful b*tches the world over.

    Also, I have a friend who could use this, methinks. Linky sending now.

    Much love,

    – B x

    1. You damn well better, because you’re who I’m screaming to when someone asks me something I don’t know. (And Gina and Alex too. They may not know that yet, though.)

  11. I checked it out earlier this AM. The site is beautiful and I think you are going to be a wonderful resource for frustrated parents. I’m going to mention this to my friend that runs a pediatric therapy office – I just finished their website and they link to resources like this.

  12. I saw it the other day when you tweeted it out…but now you have posts and great comment conversations going on.

    You are going to ROCK this new project!! (…I know this, because you already are)

  13. You know I love this. So SOOO much. I am HUGELY interested in this.

    (although side note? we finally got a word out of Eddie. It’s Octagon. I shit you not).

    You are so amazing! WOOT to conquering the world!

  14. This is so great! As a pediatric SLP, I had often thought about doing something like this but just couldn’t figure out how to go about it or even how to start it. Not to mention I just didn’t have the time and energy to put towards it. I think there is a huge need for this. I get asked questions all the time from my blog and of course in real life so now I can just point them to your blog. Is it okay if I mention it on mine? Good luck and hope it takes off just like this one did.

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