1. I think Dana’s got a bit of spring fever? Happy to see frost in Sunny California? These are great shots, Lori…it sure has been cold here this weekend for us wimpy California-types.

    Sorry, Dana!

  2. Love your photo’s, it remained close to 80 here today.
    Sunny and gorgeous …
    ok, this is good, because its time for all those freezing Northerners to head South, I have a damn house to sell :)

  3. #1. What a fabulous picture! I didn’t know about that site until you mentioned it. I just redid my blog banner! Not sure if my name is a little too “HELLO LOOK AT ME” but I’ll try it for awhile. My blog has no fancy name. Just . . . drumroll: Nina Badzin.

    #2. I feel happy knowing I’m not the only using wordpress.com. Everyone has such a fancy site. I’ve only been blogging for 4 months. The idea of plugins, managing the spam, etc, is more than I can handle (at least for now!)

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