Completely Unrelated

This does not in ANYWAY prove Cheryl’s point.

This should NOT be construed as a concession of any kind.

But for any of you who noticed the pretty tulip pictures from Saturday?

This is what they look like now.

That is not decay.

It is not gravity.

A small, localized tulip shredding tornado did not sweep through the house.

Havoc, Thy Name is Topaz.

She has a serious problem.

She’s a tulip tweaker.

She can’t help herself.

It’s that or she’s obsessively compulsively playing that petal-picking game. You know “I’ll bite his ear off, I’ll puncture an eyeball. I’ll bite his ear off, I’ll puncture an eyeball.”

Topaz doesn’t like Nimbus, remember.


  1. Ms. Jodi used to have a lovely wicker fernery with lovely honest-to-goodness live fern! Unfortunately, her cats thought it was a salad bar.
    Now her fernery is filled with fake plants.
    Cats 1, Ms. Jodi 0
    Observantly yours,
    Mother Hen

  2. That’s so funny about the vodka. I actually want my tulips to be more droopy. And every morning when I get up they are super straight. They almost look weird that straight. Clearly, I need a cat to discipline my tulips. :)

  3. I’m really starting to think my cat is somehow related to your Topaz. My husband buys me flowers pretty regularly (or he used to). This demon we shall call Casey attacks those flowers with a vengeance.

    My sister in law gave all of us sisters in law Christmas Cacti for Christmas. Casey had destroyed mine before 2011 rang in. And since that was clearly not enough damge, he spent January removing the pebbles from the pot the Cactus had once inhabited. When all the pebbles were gone, he was not quite done and one evening in a final fit of evilness knocked the pot that had contained the pebbles that had helped the cactus off the table so that the following morning I was given the opportunity to clean up the broken pot and sand from my kitchen floor.
    I’m really beginning to rethink our decision to adopt said cat and save from certain death.

  4. That’s a familiar scene. We used to keep our plants in the bathroom because Teva would always help herself to them. Recently, I discovered she loves to eat spinach leaves, which I suppose shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Maybe Topaz would like some edible leafy greens, too.

  5. Louis used to do this to flowers too. but now he is 17, has kidney failure, and prefers to do as little as possible. I really don’t blame him. But my flowers thank him.

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