Tasty and SO good for you!

I’ve been awfully excited about this for a while, but, having learned the hard way that there are in fact consequences to counting chickens before they’re all in one basket, I kept it to myself.

But the eggs are now hatched, so I can speak.

A piece a wrote is featured in the current issue of Delish Magazine.

The piece is a personal essay about the need for rejuvenation as a woman and a mom, and is woven through the story of a lovely day in the Wine Country with Nichole, from In These Small Moments.

Photo credit for the picture of Nichole and I to the babe-a-licious Cheryl from Mommy Pants.

I am so very thrilled to have my writing in this lovely online publication. It’s just a quality production from start to finish.

So what are you waiting for? Go read! ;)


  1. Congratulations, lady! You’re babe-a-licious, yourself. Heading over to read right now, but had to acknowledge the publication first.

    Hooray for you ~

    (Although you got to enjoy wine country with Nichole so you’ve already been rewarded in some ways…)

  2. Okay, I’m back. And that was delicious in every way. I LOVE Brix and LOVE Trefethen (I also like jumbo cheeseburgers, but we’ll let that go.)

    You made me misty-eyed for my friends and hungry for Napa.

    Loved each word of it. Yum.

  3. what an awesome thing! congratulations! and delish’s online magazine is so cool…like you’re flipping through the actual pages of a paper mag!

  4. Oh, I loved it. Loved.

    I only got a few hours in Napa… now I want WEEKS. And you and Nichole and Cheryl.

    And having had a night out with some long lost college friends yesterday, I know exactly how you felt!

  5. When I saw this on Twitter yesterday? I may have squealed out loud. I was so happy for you, and what an amazing article! You scored big there, girl….glad your eggs turned out to be counted!

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