Blogging Babes with Babies

When you have a group of women

Who have a wacky hobby in common….

Give them access to an incredible hostess

And put a couple pitchers of sangria in front of them….

There’s going to be a really good time had.

They will speak in a language that normal people couldn’t possible understand.

They will make inside jokes that no one else gets.

They will still ooh and ahh over a bundle of cuteness.

They will drink wine in completely inappropriate quantities.

They will share love as if they’ve known each other for many decades.

Even when they’ve only met once or twice (or never) before.

They will understand the essential need to capture a picture of a cat in a baby basket.

And they will laugh.

And the fact that 99.9% of their relationship exists in the pixels of a computer screen will not matter one, teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy little bit.


  1. Oh YEAH! Thank you Lori! These pics are great and you absolutely captured the oddity and joy of us blogging babes.

    I am so glad you were able to join us and so grateful for the generosity and love of all you!

  2. Oh, the wine. The weather (just assuming). The cat. The sweet baby. And Flat Yulia?

    So much loveliness.

    Looks like it was a beautiful day for such a cute mama-to-be. Picture me smiling for all of you…

  3. Oh my! I think my heart just swelled! What an amazing afternoon! I think it’s phenomenal that you all got together to celebrate. You’re captions were just as splendid as your photos.

    And is this the first-ever sighting of Tarja?!?!

    I bow down to you, Lori.

      1. I concur. Last I heard, she was donning a gas mask and heading in to change Chalupa’s diaper.

        Or invading Restoration Hardward. In Abbottobad.

  4. Oh Lori, what a perfect post! What a perfect afternoon it was, too….and you captured it in the way that only you can.

    And that sangria was to die for!

    1. Not sullen! Thoughtful!

      All the other pictures of you I snapped while you were talking, and it is a universal truth that NO ONE looks good while talking. No one. So I opted for thoughtful.

      Or, “contemplative.”

  5. This was the coolest way to characterize this shower. And I, too, was on the hunt for Tarja. I knew her the second I saw her because I’ve seen her son and they look similar. And I could see the red outline of her cyclist goggles on her face.

  6. ACK, with how many times the hub wanted to move up there and I said
    No, No, No … altho drinking with you girls may send me to rehab ;)

    How about y’all arrange a weekend wannabee conference, thats social and fun and would no doubt end up bloggy?

  7. For someone who didn’t have a corporeal body I had a really great time…thank you for including me! You are all gorgeous and fabulous!

  8. Ugh. Blogging anonymously sucks.



    Also, regarding your recent email –

    I am NOT ignoring you. I came to visit and left you several notes, none of which seem to have been delivered (isn’t code-speak fun?!). Either you hate me or the interweb does.

    *sob again*

    – B x

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