I Wonder if the Key Still Works?

Well I suppose this is all my fault.

Cobwebs on the browser.

Rust on the Facebook page.

And don’t even get me started on Twitter. Is it supposed to make that noise???

It’s ok though, because I don’t really need those things.


I really, really, missed this place. I missed the bubbles. I missed the illustrations. And I so, so, so missed the words.

It’s been an intense couple years. Three kids have launched to college. I have a new job with my company. We moved out to a glorious house in the woods.

But some things never change. The cats are still evil. And Himself still brings me coffee every morning.

I’ve been thinking about coming back here for a little while now. I’ve read through some older posts and missed the writing so much. But I hesitated, in part because I worry about time and commitment, and in part because I remember getting so caught up in being a blogger.

I don’t want that now, I just want a place. A space. A room.

I love this room. I always did. So I think I’ll spend some time in it again. Even if it’s only for myself and Himself and my mom now. (Hi, Mom!)

But if you’re here reading, or reading again….welcome.

I’m happy to see you.

Oh….and Happy New Year!



  1. That’s the nice thing about blogs. They sit there waiting for us like old friends. Welcome back! I remember reading your stuff and liking it a while back. I must have subscribed because this post was in my email today. I’m guilty of abandoning my little blog now and then too. Life just gets in the way sometimes, especially if you work full time outside the house. Anyway..just wanted to say at least one other person is reading :-)

  2. I too have been on sabbatical, afraid of getting too caught up and spread too thin, but I miss it. I write posts in my head #tweettonoone

    I am glad you’re back at any frequency. And I’ll leave a glass of wine out if you stay a while. Give my best to Pursey.

  3. I’m brushing out some cobwebs and dust myself. Doing all that next to you sounds infinitely more fun. Now, I had a reader around here somewhere. I think I want one of those, too…

  4. Oh my goodness! I missed you Lori! I lost touch with everyone at one point due to life issues and slowly I have been recollecting my old tribe. In case you forgot who I am I used to go by “Mommylebron”. If you still forget who I am it’s ok because I love you unconditionally. Just now that your quick wit and humor was always I bright spot in what were some very dark days. Now I am going to go stalk you on social media…

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