Where the Heart Is

Today I am home.

The home where the I can see the flit and flash of hummingbirds at the feeder.

Where the stillness is physical, wrapping me in silent sweetness.

Where I can smell the warming bark of the trees as the sun breaks through the canopy in late morning.

Today there are transitional spaces and hallways, a room for creating that shares no space with spices or coffee cups.

I am in the place where I can dream of change and the change is mine to do or not, as my mood and energy allow.

The earth and fern scented air embraces me and cushions me from the pounding worried pressure of not-here.

I walk between rooms, some days, for no reason other that the joy of moving between and appreciating the privileged luxury of space.

I have never felt the deep breath of the soul in a way more true, more real, more like a thing that of course exists as I have since coming home. How did I ever think those words mere literary metaphor?

Daily my inner spirit lifts away, translucent and as immense as wind, to weave through the tops of the trees – holding them close, drinking their powerful majesty while coating them with a layer of golden protective dust conjured from my fierce love.

Today I am home.

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