The Cast

Well hello there. Good to see you. Have a scone. Don’t mind the cat hair. It adds protein.

I’m Lori. I’m the wrangler of the Martha Points ’round these parts. The picture below is me with my husband, Himself, modeling the awesome fox ears we got for Halloween. Yes, those are fox ears. Himself doesn’t have blue hair. Or any hair.



Three kids also call this place home, although only for part of the year as they are all off at college right now. Yes, three of them. Feel free to send canned food donations. And laundry detergent.


And finally, no summary of our cast of characters would be complete without mentioning the Greatest Evils In the Universe, also known as our cats, Nimbus and Topaz. They often figure heavily into the narrative. Because they are cats. And evil.

imageAnd don’t be fooled by the charming Christmas photo. They do not like each other. We had to drug them and put them in straightjackets to get this photo.


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